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TinkaView #5 – moo161

I had the opportunity to interview another tinka. This is my fifth tinkaview with moo 161 and this is what moo had to say:

This is moo161 who has been playing Tinkatolli for 52 days. I asked moo161:

  • Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli?
  • moo161: making new friends and doing nice things
  • Loki Terry: Great! 🙂
  • moo161: thanks
  • Loki Terry: What is your favorite feature of Tinkatolli?
  • moo161: hmmmm
  • moo161: makeables and junks
  • moo161: plus friends
  • Loki Terry: awesome!
  • moo161: thanks
  • Loki Terry:  What is your favorite room?
  • moo161: junkatolli and ur room. its awesome!!
  • moo161: u rule!
  • Loki Terry: haha thank you! 🙂
  • Loki Terry: What would you like to see on Tinkatolli?
  • moo161: different junk and makeables
  • Loki Terry: great!
  • moo161: thanks
  • Loki Terry: Any suggestions you could make to the staff at the HQ?
  • moo161: um
  • moo161: they should come on a bit more if they dont mind
  • Loki Terry: yeah, but as it gets busy for them working on Tinkatolli , yeah
  • Loki Terry: That’s fine 🙂
  • moo161: kk
  • Loki Terry: Thanks for answering my interview today!
  • moo161: np
What great feedback from Moo, thanks! – It’s great hearing that you would like to see more makeables on Tinkatolli, 4 more have been added with the recent contests & also some are coming out in September!

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