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TinkaView #3 – littlemisscutiepie

I had a tinkaview with littlemisscutiepie about Tinkatolli and it was really cool listening to what she had to say.

This is littlemisscutiepie who has been playing Tinkatolli for 24 days. I asked littlemisscutiepie:

  • Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli? 
  • littlemisscutiepie: I like how you can use yur imagination and they really try to help you interact with the real world
  • littlemisscutiepie: so you are not just sitting at the computer alday
  • Loki Terry: it’s really awesome 🙂
  • Loki Terry: yeah!!
  • littlemisscutiepie: Soo agreed
  • Loki Terry: What do you think about makeables built in by tinkas in real life?
  • littlemisscutiepie: There are soo many creative kids out there and their creativity isnt very appreciated
  • littlemisscutiepie: but on here they can show it to everyone and people can share the interests
  • littlemisscutiepie: its a really good way of letting your light shine out
  • littlemisscutiepie: your light as in your talent
  • Loki Terry: yeah – that is so true, it’s really cool that our submissions are shown and everyone can share
  • Loki Terry: what they do!
  • littlemisscutiepie: Yeah.  🙂
  • Loki Terry: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli?
  • littlemisscutiepie: like do you mean the places?
  • Loki Terry: yeah
  • littlemisscutiepie: rriigghhtt…
  • littlemisscutiepie: umm..
  • littlemisscutiepie: probably junkatolli
  • Loki Terry: and why junkatolli? 🙂
  • littlemisscutiepie: coz you can get really cool stuff there and i really enjoy making the things that are there! 🙂
  • littlemisscutiepie: hehe..xx
  • Loki Terry: What would you like to see on Tinkatolli?
  • littlemisscutiepie: well i have had bad experiences with online games when to play it, practicly all the stuff…
  • littlemisscutiepie: … you have to have membership for
  • littlemisscutiepie: and that annoys me
  • littlemisscutiepie: I like to play a game COMPLETEY free, because it makes me feel better
  • Loki Terry: Thanks!
  • Loki Terry: Any other suggestions for the Tinkatolli HQ?
  • littlemisscutiepie: Just keep on keeping on yno! i just really appreciate that people could…
  • littlemisscutiepie: …make a website like this to let kids have a good time on the internet
  • Loki Terry: awesome, yeah!
  • Loki Terry: That’s it! 🙂 – Thanks for answering my questions!
  • littlemisscutiepie: Thankss x
I have to say W.O.W – What a amazing TinkaView I had with littlemisscutiepie, it was great speaking to her and what such good positive feedback as she is not even a month old yet! – Thanks!

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