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TinkaView #4 – chey6767

This is the fourth tinkaview with one of Tinkatolli’s best tinkas out their chey6767, which likes to copy staff tinkas! And I asked chey6767 a few questions about Tinkatolli and this is what chey had to say:

This is chey6767 who has been playing Tinkatolli for 56 days. I asked chey6767:

  • Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli? 
  • chey6767: i like meeting new friends and playing games
  • Loki Terry: oh cool!
  • chey6767: thanks
  • chey6767: =D
  • Loki Terry: What would you like to see on Tinkatolli?
  • chey6767: hmm
  • chey6767: more makables and junk
  • Loki Terry: thanks 🙂
  • Loki Terry: and now
  • Loki Terry: What do you think about makeables built in by tinkas in real life?
  • chey6767: they’re really awesome and they’re also really creative
  • Loki Terry: yeah, it’s so cool that!
  • chey6767: true!
  • chey6767: =D
  • Loki Terry: what is your favorite room on Tinkatolli?
  • chey6767: blueberry hill and ur house
  • Loki Terry: haha, why thank you
  • chey6767: =D
  • Loki Terry: and why is blueberry hill your favorite room?
  • chey6767: because thats where many people are and u can make new friends =D
  • Loki Terry: awesome!
  • Loki Terry: last question
  • Loki Terry: What suggestions would you have to the Tinkatolli HQ?
  • chey6767: they should make more makables, come online more and make partys for tinkatolli by decorating the rooms! 🙂
  • chey6767: thanks!
  • Loki Terry: thanks for taking the time answering my interview

It was a great pleasure talking to chey! – I love chey’s suggestion of having partys for tinkatolli and decorating tinkatolli’s rooms!

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