Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

In moment 1 under the first level of zoom, you can pick up a squashed dragonfly.

This can also be unlocked under the first level of zoom.

You can double click to travel (instead of zooming in).Β After travelling twice (including the once in the cloud), you can pick up the root of Aconite.

You can double click to travel (instead of zooming in). After travelling 4 times (including twice to within the cloud), you can pick up the Sprig of Lavender.

Also there are Valerian Sprigs.

In moment 2, you can double click for the car to be hit by a branch. After it has been twice, you will be able to pick up the Wadcock Chocolate Frog Card and a Toffee.

After double clicking 3 more times, you can pick up the Fluxweed.

In moment 3 under the second level of zoom, you can pick up Eels’ Eyes.

Also under the second level of zoom, you can pick up Spine of Lionfish.

There is a hidden area in this moment, which you will be able to gain access to after you successfully brew the Swelling Solution. To brew the swelling solution, you will need 3 items. Two of which you can get from the Apothecary. The third item, Dried Nettles, you can pick up from Book 2 Chapter 1. If you mess up making the potion, you can always purchase additional supplies from the apothecary, or pick up more Dired Nettles from Book 2 Chapter 1.

Nonetheless in the hidden area, you can pick up two items (both in the third level of zoom). The first is Boomslang Skin.

The second item is a Bicorn Horn.

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92 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

  1. I can’t get the Fluxweed. I can zoom out once after collecting the toffee & card, but then I seem to get stuck.

    • I can see the Fluxweed, but I can’t make it glow purple to collect it. Do you have to have a certain browser, or what? Because I have noticed that Pottermore works differently whether you’re using IE9, Mozilla Firefox, or googleChrome.

    • If you have google chrome, go to the file thing in the top right hand corner and zoom out to 90 or 75%. I got it on 75%. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

    • Excellent! Thanks for the tip! I could see the Fluxweed but couldn’t get it. Zoom out your browser (shrink to less than 100 %) and you can get it!

    • You have to double click over and over till ron reverses slightly then you can click it πŸ™‚

  2. I’m having trouble picking up the Fluxweed. I can see it (barely, it has a shadow over it), but when I mouse over it nothing happens. I definitely clicked the Whomping Willow enough times to make the car move back. Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    PS: For how long do you have to travel in the Ford Anglia to pick up the Aconite, Lavender, and Valerian? And is there a trick to ducking out from the cloud? Thank you again!

    • I was having the same trouble, but then I expanded my internet window and was able to collect it. Hope that helps!

  3. You can also find boomslang skin and horn of bicorn on the third level of zoom in moment 3 from shapes private stores

    • I had the same problem, but it helped when I zoomed out in my browser (not in the “game”), because the Fluxweed was too far out in the right corner (I could see it, but I couldn’t click it). Hope it helps. πŸ™‚

  4. OK, so i was having the problem with fluxweed too.
    Found a solution.

    Zoom out of your browser 2-3 times and then try, you should be able to get it, in most browser pressing ‘Ctrl’ + ‘-‘ would zoom out.

  5. For those having trouble picking up the Fluxweed: try widening your display/screen. It worked for me.

  6. Small correction- you can get the Bat Spleens for the Swelling Solution from Book 1 Chapter 10, only the Pufferfish Eyes need to be bought from the Apothecary.

  7. Yeah, I couldn’t get the fluxweed too. is it a glitch? only some people can get it?
    And for the person who mentioned being able to get boomslang skin and horn of bicorn on the 3rd level of zoom, I couldn’t even zoom in on the 3rd level. πŸ™

    • You need to brew the Swelling Solution correctly then revisit that Moment before the third zoom will appear. With the fluxweed, make sure you have double-clicked five times, and then use your browser’s zoom (not the pottermore zoom) to reduce it to 75 per cent. Then you can collect the Fluxweed. Hope this helped : )

  8. i can only go to levels 1 and 2 of zoom as well in snapes office. no way to open that door. suggestions?

  9. In the first page/moment of this Chapter, under Places, there is a red circle with a feather in it. The place is Platform 9 3/4. What do you need to do to solve (?) this and what do you get?

  10. I can’t brew the Swelling Solution because Pottermore won’t let me buy pufferfish eyes from the Apothecary. It says that I have to buy everything on my shopping list before I can buy that item. I’ve done that, I think. Where have I gone wrong?

    • You have to buy your second year supplies. Click on Diagon Alley, visit Flourish & Blotts, then buy all the Lockhart books.

  11. Anyone know what to do when you found the fluxweed, but you still cant brew the first stage of polyjuice because it doesn’t show in your ingredients list?

    • you have to zoom out i was gettin really annoyed but then i zoomed out. you can zoom out by pressing ctrl ad then the minus sign!

  12. I can’t buy the pufferfish eyes in the apothecary, even though I have enough galleons

  13. Hey guys, you are able to get the flux weed. Keep double clicking. They have to be double clicks. The car will back up shining light on the fluxweed.

  14. You can also pick up toffees, which are orange and to the left of the steering wheel after clicking many times.

  15. Blarg! i’m having so much trouble just brewing the swelling solution πŸ˜› I guess potions are not my thing, but does anyone have any tips on it? I’ll freak out about the Polly Juice Potion later, lol.

    • a big tip that has helped me is clicking the flame controls under the cauldron, go back & forth between the low setting and the off button to keep the temperature level in the correct range for the amount of time required

  16. Does searchable stuff regenerate or something? I had one nettles and I failed my potion and now its marked as searchable… will it regenerate on the previous chapters?

  17. I do what you say that you have to do and i still can’t get the fluxweed. I want to get it so bad but it simply can’t turn purple. What can I do?

    PS: I’m using Chrome

  18. Hey, I tried to make the polyjuice potion but I failed.
    Now I can’t find the bicorn horn because it isn’t in Snapes office anymore. Can anyone tell me what to do?
    I can’t buy it in Diagon Ally either..
    Plz help, thx, x

  19. I can’t collect the Bicorn Horn or the Boomslang Skin, I can only zoom in twice but it doesn’t zoom in closer, help please?!

  20. i cannot get fluxweed .. i went back for it again .. but its not appearing again … its there but i cant collect it πŸ™ what should i do ?

  21. The directions for the Swelling Solution didn’t work for me. In the second half of the task, the countdown timer was for 20 seconds, not 30. Then a countdown timer started on the left-hand side of the cauldron so I kept the heat going, and potion failed. When I waved my wand after 20 seconds, I finally got it. Add me skyscale93.

  22. I just wanna thank everyone that commented here. This helped me a lot. I love u guys. Huffle-puff rocks.

  23. There is a squished dragonfly over the right headlight that you can pick up right after the kings cross section.

  24. Help! I can’t seem to be able to brew the swelling solution. I’ve tried seven times now. It all goes well until step #10 every time. What am I doing wrong? I do have to get the temperature between the two bars, right? It keeps telling me that I’ve failed before it even gets that hot. Am I supposed to keep it below there? Help!

  25. When I go to brew the potion it shows i need to buy pufferfish eyes but I cant buy it…please help

  26. I cant brew the swelling solution to get the secret part of snapes office!! I have all the ingredients but it doesnt have the button that says brew potion!!! πŸ™

  27. what do you do if you already unsuccessfully brewed the swelling solution and no longer have dried nettles?

  28. Okay, for anyone having trouble getting the fluxweed like I was, try zooming OUT. Not IN. I tried that and it finally worked. I’m using GoogleChrome, and I just pressed the Ctrl button and used the little roller thing between the two buttons on my mouse to zoom out and was able to get it. I had tried everything else!

  29. Help! I tried everything you guys suggested and nothing worked. Any more tips on trying to collect the fluxweed?

  30. Hi,
    I was wondering is anyone else having issues with the swelling solution? I have all the ingredients (granted I’ve bought the puffer fish eyes a million times and have like 100 something of them) but once I have all that is necessary to brew the potion the book wont let me! I refreshed the page and it goes back to asking me to buy the puffer fish eyes again and I do but it still wont let me brew it!
    Please help a frustrated HufflePuff out!

  31. The Swelling Solution isn’t working for me. When I come back after an hour and click “next,” I don’t have any time at all to complete the second half. If I try, it either tells me instantly that I’ve run out of time, or, when I try to heat the cauldron, it won’t let me turn the flame OFF and the potion fails.
    Help? πŸ™‚

  32. i cant get the boom slang skin or the horn thing, they are not in snapes office. i checked and it says i havent got them i think. if u guys know what to do plz tell me

  33. i now know that i need to brew the swelling solution thingy to get the third zoom but it wont let me. i have 2 cauldrons and all the ingridients but it wont let me PLZZZ HELP

  34. OMG!! I made the sweeling solution but right when I finished I ran out of time!!

  35. It won’t let me doubleclick at all on any chapter. What should I do? I need fluxweed! Any help?? Thanks πŸ˜›

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