Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 13 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom in moment 1, pick up Bertie Bott’s Soap Flavoured Bean.

In the second level of zoom, collect the Leaping Toadstool.

In moment 2 under the second level of zoom, begin by picking up 5 galleons.

Pick up a valentine’s day card.

There is a second Valentine’s Day card, which you also can pick up.

There is a third Valentine’s Day card on the other side of the room.

Pick up the Strawberry-flavoured Bean.

Pick up Berty Bott’s Vomit-Flavoured Bean.

In the third level of zoom, collect the Rose Oil.

You can click the number “13” in moment 3 to explore the diary. However, there does not appear to be anything to collect.

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24 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 13 Walkthrough

  1. there is also a vomit flavored bean on the table the second from the left by the red head girl

    • When I saw that I was all like ‘Yuck! Well, it is Berty Bott’s EVERY Flavour Beans’

  2. In the third moment, click the number “13” – there’s nothing to collect that I can find but you can see Tom Riddle walking in on a young Hagrid with a box..

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  3. Moment 1, Zoom 3
    You could take a closer look at Tom Riddles’ diary.
    I am not sure if it does anything though..

  4. Tom Riddle’s diary is also in the first moment. Do we have to do anything with it? You can only ‘take a closer look’ not collect…

  5. I know you can “take a look” at Riddle’s diary in Moment 1 and there is an article in the Objects file that talks about a “Revealer” that you can buy in Diagon Alley. I tried to find one to buy there but couldn’t. Is there a way to look at the book?

  6. In Chapter 13, Moment 2 –

    You can collect 5 Galleons from the start end of the house table, 2nd from left.

    Right in front of the blonde student.

  7. In the third level of zoom of moment 1, if you scan the bricks just above the floor under the bathroom sink to the right, you can see Tom Riddle’s diary with closer look.

  8. In moment 1 3rd zoom by the man’s boot on the right kind of in the crack between the wall and the floor there is a closer look on tom riddles diary.

  9. in moment 1 of chapter 13, if you zoom in all the way you have to get in the corners with your mouse, you’ll find tom riddles diary

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