The Magic Quill Day 3 – Updated Q&A

Pottermore has answered a few frequently asked questions, so here they are:

So far, all the clues have appeared in the early hours of the morning in my time zone. Will this continue for the remainder of The Magical Quill challenge?

We know that Harry Potter fans around the world are taking part in the challenge, so we will be varying the times that the clues are revealed. We can tell you that tomorrow’s clue (Day 4) will be released between 2.00pm and 6.00pm BST.

I have seen people offering to register early access accounts for others. Is it safe to give my personal details to someone who is offering this service?

Absolutely not. You should never share personal details online unless you are certain how they will be used and protected. Also, please note that the transfer of Pottermore accounts is expressly prohibited in The Magical Quill promotion Terms & Conditions.

Is there any update on the Yahoo! Mail issue?

This has now been resolved and everyone who registered with a Yahoo! Mail account on Sunday or Monday should now have received their validation email.

This is a continuation to yesterday’s Q&A. Tomorrow, we will continue providing the latest clue for Day 4. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and check our site often!

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  1. If I’m entering the right answer and get the same “invisibility cloak/page disappeared” message that I get if I enter the wrong answer,
    does that mean I’m doing something wrong? or does it mean everyone in the potterverse is trying to enter at the same time?

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