MiniMonos Monkey Flight App Cheats

MiniMonos released a free iOS app for iPhone and iPod Touch that is called Monkey Flight! It’s similar to the real game on MiniMonos in game. You are able to download it on the App Store!

You basically use the arrow up button on the bottom right hand side of the app to fly and then tilt your iPod/iPhone left or right to move. Take a look of screenshots of the game below:


  • Don’t hit the stormy clouds, they make you lose energy
  • White clouds give you energy
  • Arrows mean that they will give you a boost of energy and will fly you to the right
  • Rainbows increase your energy
  • The green dots at the bottom indicate a trampoline to make you fly up again (if you lose energy)
  • Clouds with a pad on top make you jump higher into the air.

You are then able to submit your Banana Chips to your MiniMonos account online!