MiniMonos Shells – How to get Shells

Have you ever wondered what Shells are or why a lot of monkeys around the island like Shells or why are shells important?

This shells guide will teach you what you want to know about Shells. Shells are important to some monkeys on MiniMonos. Below is all the information you will need about Shells:

To monkeys on MiniMonos shells are like treasure as they are special as you can buy special costumes or xPowers. You are able to use them by going to Einstein’s Lab on the map and then clicking on the catalog button on the top right.

You can get shells for free by entering contests or if MiniMonos are having a special deal or having giveaways or pop-up parties! MiniMonos has several giveaways and contests because they consider for us monkeys, and they know we have to pay for Shells and that’s the only method to get shells without what MiniMonos does. You can get shells for free by doing the following:

Go to MiniMonos Official Parties!:

Bananatastic on MiniMonos, which if you don’t know is the Party Master on MiniMonos and he will give shells banana chips also he might give free xPowers!

** Pop Up Parties! **

Following to Official parties, nearly everyday Bananatastic hosts pop-up parties, meaning everyone can go party with Bananatastic and play games and also at the same time win MiniMonos Shells! – This is the BEST way to get FREE Shells!

Participate in Contests:

The team makes many fun and sometimes-easy contests on the Go Bananas Blog. They give away Banana chips and also shells!

Buy Shells:

This is the easiest way of getting shells, which is buying them. All you do is login to MiniMonos and click on the “Buy” button when you have clicked on your monkey playercard. When you have clicked “Buy” you will be taken to a page, which you can buy banana chips or shells.

MiniMonos Giveaways:

MiniMonos have giveaway on the Go Bananas Blog and the team sometimes giveaway shells on there! Everyone has a fair chance and you may win yourself shells so make sure you always contribute to giveaways!

MiniMonos Facebook:

MiniMonos if you didn’t know has a Facebook fan page which you can “Like” by clicking here. If they have a guest visiting or they have visited a company etc sometimes they will do a giveaway from it, which you can only do by doing what they say on Facebook. That means you will have to “Like” and keep up-to-date with the MiniMonos Facebook.

MiniMonos Twitter

MiniMonos also has a Twitter page, which you can follow them and they announce the latest news on there first (usually!) and they will will announce pop-up parties, giving you the opportunity for you to get MiniMonos Shells!

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 20.54.04


If you go to the eco-dome there may be either shells or chips on the floor that you can pick up to use!

I hope this has helped you out about what Shells are, what they give you and other information.

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  1. murray says:

    How do you get shells for minimonos.

  2. ??? says:

    Heya! sorry i had to remove your comment. that is a code and Manx told my other friend to keep it a secret so other monkeys can find out themselfs! thanks for trying to help though! 🙂
    Best Bananas!
    MMInfo Editor

  3. Funlovermonkey says:

    How do you earn shells?

  4. jessesina says:

    i know

  5. JessieTalia says:

    How do you know when there is a party going on and where is it?

    • yawn2 says:

      Hey there! for partys the usually announce them on the go bananas blog or on the shout outs on game 🙂

  6. JessieTalia says:

    ok thanks!

  7. firewater says:

    well i think they could have like a place where you go everyday to collect 2 to 20 shells

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can you get shells on minimonos without buying them? 🙁 🙁 🙁 :[ :[ :[

  9. Anonymous says:

    how do u get shells?If u dont want 2 buy them?

  10. elizabeth harrison says:

    how do you earn shells??

  11. lovelygirl8 says:

    its great and cool theres never mean anything better!

  12. nicki minaj says:

    i want shells on minimonos

  13. Manx says:

    You can now get Shells from the Golden Temple if you’re a Gold Monkey, and sometimes the EcoDome if you’re an EcoMonkey! 🙂

  14. jayfeather4 says:


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