MiniMonos Robots

If you are a new monkey or don’t know in general you might see robots around the island and you might wonder to yourself “how do you get one?” This guide will help you out!

Robots on MiniMonos are out pets. To get one of these lovely robots you will need to get the materials. There is two ways you can get a robot; one of them is by buying shells or the other way is collecting by yourself the materials that are needed which to be honest is a more fun and definitely a more cheaper way to get a robot. After playing games R.A.TS and GoGo Green you will get materials looking like this:

Once you have a lot of materials, go to Einstein’s Lab which you can quickly access by going on the map.

Then walking down to where the gear sign is.

You will then be taken to another room which will look like this:

Walk over to the chalkboard and go to Einstein and just click on “Get my pet”.

At the moment MiniMonos has 4 robots, which are:

  • The Gyrobot 3000 (non-member).
  • Ultro 3030 (gold members only)
  • Boltz (gold members only)
  • Cpt Flint 1001 (gold members only)

Use the left and right buttons to go through the robots pages. It gives you a lot of information on what is needed, it gives you how much (quantity) of the item you need. How fast the robots goes and the amount of how quick it charges. Once you create your robot it will follow you around the MiniMonos island until you click on your robot to make it go home. 

As you can see above my robot’s battery is running out and all you will have to do is take your robot home and click “Go Charge”. To view your robot’s battery life all you have to do is click on the top left button.

Once it’s charged, just remove it from the charging machine and click on it in your treehouse and click “Follow Me”. Now you know how to do that, you may ask what else does a Robot do… well you can control it around the MiniMonos island. There is also a spotlight feature you can use if you are a member!

I hope this helped you out! – Go get your robots monkeys! – Do you have a robot? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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