Monkey Swim Guide

This is a game where you collect rubbish and recycle it from the lagoon. This is one of the popular games on MiniMonos and I will show you a complete guide of this game!

Firstly you will have to click on your map and go to Leatherback Lagoon.







You will then need to walk over to the monkey called Gil.









All you will have to do then is click “Play”.







Then once when you’ve pressed play, you will need to use your arrow keys and move the rubbish into the machine on the top left.







You press enter on the item and you will get a balloon on the item and it will raise to the top of the Lagoon for you to just move it to the machine on the left. Yes, don’t worry the balloon and will be recycled and used again. If you also play this game around 4 days for each day you will complete a space on the top banana card!!!

Every day that you plan Monkey Swim, you will see new sea creatures and if you play for so many days, you will see turtles.

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