Monkey Flight Guide

Lots of monkeys on Mini Monos have heard a awesome game called Monkey Flight. Below I’ll be giving you a awesome guide on how to play the game. Let’s begin:

To go and play Monkey Flight, click on your map and go to the Kittyhawk Bluff, which is at the top of the map.

Walk over to the cloud sign.

There will be a message on the screen, once it appears click Play. You must use your up, down, right and left keys to navigate in the sky and collect the clouds. If you do run out of energy (which you can see by the green bar going down). You will fall down from the sky and possibly land on a trampoline to bounce you back up into the sky, you may also if you’re near any clouds collect them to gain energy.

Make sure you don’t touch the stormy dark clouds, they make you lose energy. If you do really good, you might get a chance to be on the leader board!