Monkey Fist Guide

Many monkeys on MiniMonos have heard a awesome game called Monkey Fist. Below I’ll be giving you a awesome guide on how to play the game. Let’s begin:

To go and play the Monkey Fist game, click on your map and go to the Long Beach.

Then walk up to the monkey called Wu Lee

He will then ask you if you want to play Monkey Fist, click play but if your not sure of the rules then click “Tell me the rules”

When you are in the game, you are going to be playing with 4+ players. You will need to pick one of the 4 carved characters, which are at the bottom of your screen. You are able to choose from: Tiger, Snake, Crane and Dragon. You must make sure pick quickly because you will only get 4-6 seconds to choose.

When you have chosen one of your characters, your monkey will make a move in resemblance to the character, you must not have the same character as Wu Lee, who is the monkey on the side. You may be thinking, this is easy however it gets more difficult one you get used to the game.

I hope this helped and have a good time playing Monkey Fist, it’s fun!

11 Responses to Monkey Fist Guide

  1. digger123 says:

    cool i just tried it .it is awesome

  2. manunitedboy says:

    I am a top bannana

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Danielle says:

    how do you get the white armband? I really don’t know. HEELLPP!!

    • Loki Terry says:

      You have to win by doing opposite moves to what the main monkey (on the left) does. You must make sure that you do the opposite and concentrate on what the monkeys are doing 🙂

  5. littlemonster123 says:

    i cant do it

  6. toribaby says:

    love it

  7. bwinb says:

    Hmm tht was good game but in my another old account got higher and now it was banned :l Now im bwinb…

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