Grow High Guide

There is a great game where you can grow your own strawberries and then you can sell them for banana chips. You will need to login to MiniMonos and click on your map and go to Bea’s Place.

Walk over to Bea and then start growing some strawberries

Click on “Play” and then you you will be able to start collecting strawberries.

Your task is to use the less amount of the 22 moves you are allowed to get to the end on the right and finish the game. You must see how many of the same tiles are near each other, the more there is and you are able to click, the better for you to use less moves.

When you have reached the end of the game which is filling up the whole square with plants of strawberries, you will get a best score and something similar to this

Getting lots of strawberries can get you lots of banana chips if you sell them. Do you like this game monkeys? – Leave me a comment and let me know!

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