MiniMonos hits 250,000 members!

MiniMonos has now passed the 250,000 monkey members on MiniMonos which this has happened only just after 3 months of coming out of beta!

All the MiniMonos staff is all jumping up and down and are really happy and they want to say a hude thank-you to all of us!

The staff has decided to give us a gift for us a free item in our treehouse, which is a celebration, flag!





Thanks to every monkey, MiniMonos wouldn’t be like it is today without you monkeys out there!


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2 Responses to MiniMonos hits 250,000 members!

  1. monkeyangie says:

    Thank you for the flag..
    and i am a member too

  2. Lukey2 says:

    Thanks for the great, colourful flag! I really can’t wait to put it in my treehouse! Oh, and a HUGE thankyou to all who had a membership on MiniMonos!

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