Can you write your monkey name in Hieroglyphics?!

Did you know in the past the past ancient Egyptains had a special writing system called ‘Hieroglyphics’ – This is the Hieroglyphics alphabet, take a look:


If you can write your monkey name in Hieroglyphics  the MiniMonos team will give you a prize! Here’s how it works:

1. Write your monkey name in Hieroglyphics and take a photo/scan your writing to your computer.

2. Email your photo to and we’ll send you 50 ‘Go Glyphs’ xPowers!

So what are you waiting for? Show the MiniMonos team what YOUR monkey name looks like in Hieroglyphics!

Hurry, offer ends January 28th!

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New Button Updates on MiniMonos – January 2013

MiniMonos has made the icons smaller so they could have all the icons down on the bar where you chat to other monkeys. The shout out icon is on the bar now with every other icon too!  It’s pretty cool, I’m going bananas over the new party coming! How are you guys feeling about the new party coming soon? @(^_^)@

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 23.09.15

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MiniMonos – Ready for an EPIC Egypt Adventure!?

Monkeys on MiniMonos! – Get your adventuring great ready. The Hunt for the Golden Scarab is coming soon to the MiniMonos Island!


You should check out Traderz as they have an new Egypt Adventure Catalog in Traderz!

Grab the EPIC decorations and transform your treehouse into an ancient Egypt abode fit for a Pharoah!  


Put on your NEW Scarab Armor or Adventurer gear and then get ancient xPowers on Castle Beach.

Cover everymonkey in sand in a GoDust Storm or scare your monkey friends with Go Snakes while you wait for the adventure to begin!  

I look forward to see you monkeys around the Island!

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MiniMonos Bonus Pryamid Weekend – Valid 18th-21st January 2013

MiniMonos made a offer where you if you Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BONUS Pyramid for your treehouse on MiniMonos!


Offer ends midday Monday 21st January, Monkey Time (GMT).

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MiniMonos “Rock Climbing Wall” Promo Code 2013

Monkeys! – Fresh from the MiniMonos team, I’ve received something that you monkeys can use on MiniMonos.. you are now able to use the promo code “ROCKON” for a bonus Rock Climbing Wall for your treehouse! – You can Go Rock Climbing with your buddies on MiniMonos!



To get the free Rock Climbing Wall all you need to do is.

  • Log on to MiniMonos and be in-game
  • Click on your monkey and click on the button “Code” (which is at the top of your monkey profile)
  • Enter the code “ROCKON” and then you will get this message.
  • Congratulations! – you now have a free Rock Climbing Wall! – Make sure you tell monkeys about this!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 21.59.14

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 21.59.36

Enjoy your free Climbing Wall for your treehouse! – Make sure you tell monkeys about this blog post and spread the word of this code! Remember “ROCKON”! – Have a great day Monkeys! – Thanks MiniMonos team!

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Marco’s mug-shot Monday: lions, bees and pies!

Marco's Mug-Shot Monday

A lot of things have been going around the island this week! – Check out these photos:

Monkeys BUG OUT in their bee costumes!


TaliaJessie and her buddies work together to make a line at Castle Beach!


Check the rest of the pictures on the Go Bananas Blog! – Click here

Thanks for a great week on MiniMonos monkeys!

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MiniMonos Costume Design Contest Extended! – January 21st 2013 Extension!

At the beginning of the week the MiniMonos team announced a Costume Design Contest and since then the team have received a lot of great costume artwork!

The team are enjoying the entries a lot so they decided to textend the contest for another week, so if you haven’t finished yet you still can!


The contest will now wrap up on January 21st!

You can learn more about the contest and all of the awesome prizes you could win by clicking here.

Good luck, monkeys!

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MiniMonos Weekly Wonder: Count the bats!

Bananatastic has posted on the Go Bananas Blog asking “How many bats can you count before you go batty?” — Take a look:


This has made me go crazy Bananatastic! – does a lot count? — how many can you monkeys find?


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Hey Everyone! iPuma here

I am here to bring everyone good news! I am now an author! I love to party, if you want to party on MiniMonos you can ask me to party with you. I love eating donuts and hangout with everyone. Expect more posts!

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Featured Fan Blog: MiniMonos Village!

Bananatastic posted on the Go Bananas Blog with a new Featured Fan Blog. MiniMonos Village is a brand new MiniMonos fan blog by BrettAxley that gives you information you need to know about the island. BrettAxley also creates funny pictures to show to his viewers for a laugh!


BrettAxley has been awarded an EPIC MiniMonos fan blog Top Cap! Click here and visit MiniMonos Village now!

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