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MiniMonos Valentine’s Day Card Maker.

Hey monkeys, I logged into MiniMonos earlier and whilst it was loading there was a valentines screen login on what you could scratch I was like awesome updates. I logged on and also Bananatastic was online also it was interesting, … Continue reading

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Minimonos Holiday Party

Minimonos has updated today with loads of updates for the Hoilday party on MiniMonos, there are the following updates: Decorations around the universe:- There are loads of cool and outstanding decorations around the universe You are able to get a … Continue reading

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Minimonos Mogger Of The Month December – Kash

December’s Mogger Of The Month has been announced and the winner is Kash congratulations!  

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MiniMonos Hoilday Party Decorations In A Few Days!

MiniMonos party decorations Viper was speaking to BT, on Sunday Live and mentioned in a couple of days the Holiday decorations are coming in a couple of days. Keep checking back to see if MiniMonos have updated

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MiniMonos Party Calendar Possibly Coming?

There has been mention on the Sunday Live as there possibly might be a good idea of have a calendar that you can post about your parties, which would be awesome so you would know what parties are on and … Continue reading

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Next Mogger of the Month Date is 5th December

It’s just been confirmed by Bananatastic that the next Mogger Of The Month is December 5th, so make sure you get your blogs updated, get busy monkeys.

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MiniMonos Adds “Mute” Button

MiniMonos have now added a mute button on MiniMonos, on other websites like Club Penguin they have a “Mute” button which is ideal for people to not hear the music, which is good in MiniMonos as some monkeys wanted a … Continue reading

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Minimonos Mogger Of The Month – Sonic4572

Congratulations to Sonic4572 who has been awarded the first Mogger Of The month! Don’t worry every month there will be a brand new Mogger Of The Month, get working on your Minimonos blog!

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New WWF-NZ tiger suits on MiniMonos Island

Hi Monkeys By now you’ll have been given a email telling you all about Mini Monos new partnership with WWF-New Zealand. MiniMonos want to help save magnificent tigers around the world and make sure they dodn’t become extinct. Minimonos are … Continue reading

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Hello I’m Loki Terry and I’m going to be blogging over MiniMonos! You can follow me on Twitter or e-mail me lokiterry [at] minimonos[dot] info

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