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Exclusive: MiniMonos Sneak Peek of Upcoming Updates!

MiniMonos has emailed me a sneak peak for the upcoming updates this week, unfortunately, I’m not sure what it is, but can you figure it out?! Only you that are reading this will see this, so spread the news to … Continue reading

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MiniMonos Halloween Guide 2012 – Trick Or Treat / Costumes

It’s that time of year again! – Yes Halloween and it’s returned on MiniMonos, bigger and better than before! This year on MiniMonos, there are new costumes on the island, which will be available for a limited time. There is … Continue reading

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MiniMonos Info.. to be REFRESHED!

Hey Monkeys! Loki Terry here! – it’s time to have a big clear up here on MiniMonos CW, meaning that there will be new pages, some memberships being released? — shells? – you’ll just have to wait and see! Over … Continue reading

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Minor MiniMonos Homepage Update

Early this morning (in the UK), I went on the homepage of MiniMonos and I noticed the MiniMonos team have added a small ‘Active Membership’ button on their homepage. Check it out: This is great! – it’s not even easier … Continue reading

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MiniMonos Upcoming Event of International Tiger Day

This upcoming July 29th is when International Tiger Day is celebrated. You are invited to join MiniMonos and the staff for a tiger pop-up parties at Hana Cove Tiger suits are available for you MiniMonos monkeys to purchase in Traderz … Continue reading

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Hello, Monkeys. An update has come to Minimonos, once again. This update is called ”MiMonos”. On MiMonos, it will show your monkey, shout outs, pictures, buddies, and more! Right now, MiMonos is in the testing stage, so only MiniMods are going … Continue reading

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Hey, Monkeys. There has been a awesome update on Minimonos, you can now trade! To Trade, click on your Monkey, and click this button on your player card: Then, this card will pop up: Then click the ”New Trade” for … Continue reading

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New Author – Herodude

Hello, Monkeys. I have recently been added to be apart of MiniMonos Cheats, as you can see. My perspective is to provide you with the best Cheats along with Loki. Until updates come into MiniMonos, this will be my only … Continue reading

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New MiniMonos Mini updates!

Hey Monkeys! Today the minimonos team updated the game with some cool new mini features! Movement button- on the chat bar next to the emotes it will show a monkey that is jumping on a button click that and a … Continue reading

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MiniMonos prepaid cards planned to launch October 2011 – United Kingdom

I was looking through some daily news and noticed in an article that MiniMonos after launching the TV commercials in the United Kingdom WILL be launching branded prepaid cards in the United Kingdom supermarket store Sainsbury’s in October of this … Continue reading

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