MiniMonos – You decide! – Next event on MiniMonos?

As the MiniMonos team work very hard planning for the spooktackular Halloween party for October, MiniMonos want to have a fun event before then. The team have thought of some ideas. Take a look:

Here are some of our ideas:

Spirit week – A week where each day has a different theme (i.e. what to wear, how to talk, etc)

Color week – Assign a color to each day of the week and ask all monkeys to turn a specific color each day

Friendship day – A day where monkeys are challanged to see how many new friends they can make in just 1 day and a day for monkeys to let their best monkey friends know how much they care about them.

Which one do you like? – I really like the color week, I really like the idea.

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  1. Jeslyn says:

    Wow, that’s a really ceelvr way of thinking about it!

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