MiniMonos Wiki – Yawn2 tells us to check it out!

Yawn 2 had posted on the Go Banana Blog mentioning MiniMonos wiki mentioning that us monkeys should check it out! – As there are a lot of new monkeys, many monkeys wouldn’t of noticed that MiniMonos has there own Official MiniMonos wiki, which Yawn2 mentioned!

You are able to check out the MiniMonos Wiki by clicking here or you can find it on the Blogroll of Honor and Awesomeness!

Yawn2 did mentioned it was very cool BUT  it was outdated. I updated the MiniMonos Wiki when MiniMonos came out of beta. Have you updated the MiniMonos wiki yet? – If not, you should!

Yawn2 said also about this:

We need as many monkeys as we can to make pages, edit pages add new items etc.  If we can all contribute to the wiki, then new monkeys and senior monkeys can use it if they need help with something or just to look at :-)

It’s up to us monkeys — the ambassadors will help us a bit — to update the wiki! WOOT!

Us monkeys should help and get the MiniMonos wiki updated! – Are you going to help out? – Leave me a comment and let me know!

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