Today is International Tiger Day!

It was International Tiger Day yesterday and the team thought it’d be a great day to remind you of the partnership MiniMonos made with the WWF-NZ to help real life tigers!

Last year MiniMonos released a special tiger suit to help WWF and real life tigers. This suit is still available for you to purchase in Traderz. Every $1 from the tiger suits purchased goes to WWF’s Tiger Initative and TX2 campaign.

MiniMonos monkeys last year send sounds of themselves and pictures of their monkeys ROARing!

Check out this video that MiniMonos sent in to the Tiger Summit 2010 in Russia.

YouTube Video


The team also said:

Here’s a bonus video about a girl named Mila who grew up wanting to help real life tigers. Even one person can make a difference. :-)

YouTube Video
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