MiniMonos Weekly Wonder: Family Garden

Last week the Weekly Wonder that Bananatastic had set is to ask monkeys about their gardens and what they grow in their gardens. Bananatastic had received lots of cool responses but the one that is featured it’s super cool and it was from Rosie Chuckles, check out what Rosie Chuckles said:

Even before the snows melt, my garden is blooming with snowdrops and snow crocuses. Just in time for my birthday the giant crocuses bloom. Beautiful patches of flowers bloom, one after the other: daffodils and tulips, hyacinths, so many scented spring flowers. The quince, lilac, and magnolia bushes blossom with the wisteria draping down from the eaves.

Summer brings brightly colored violas, sweetpeas and
zinnia. This year I planted 7 varieties of sunflowers, from the 12 foot giganteus to the 3 foot teddy bear. My herb garden is spectacular with mint and chamomile for teas, chives, lavender and bee balm. The grapes form an edible background. Alaska mix nasturtiums are my favorite new addition for this year. The highlight of the summer is my huge 80 year old pink rose bush beside the massive patch of Shasta daisies.

Fall comes; the Chinese lanterns and chrysanthemums brighten up my dying garden in time for Halloween.

And then the snow starts falling and I dream of spring.

Bananatastic said this:

That’s awesome Rosie Chuckles, thanks for sharing with us! When I was living at my grandma’s house a couple months ago, we grew fresh cucumbers and tomatos… they were delicious in our side salads with dinner each night!

This week we want to ask a simple yes or no question. The average person consumes 167 plastic water bottles worth of water each year. If you switch to a reusuable bottle you could save 167 water bottles and up to a total of $334.00 a year

Truly amazing facts that Bananatastic has stated above and I love how Rosie Chuckles describes how her garden is at all of the seasons, I really like gardening as you probably know, really cool to hear what you have in your garden Rosie – Sounds so cool!

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