Earn a Gold Bonus Bash ticket this weekend!

This is the weekend where you can earn the ultimate Bonus Bash ticket.

This is how you can get it. Purcahse MiniMonos Shells, a Gold membership or Banana Chips between now and next Tuesday, and you’ll receive a FREE GOLD BONUS BASH TICKET for the biggest possible bonus prizes!

Ecomom said:

We’ll be checking regularly throughout the weekend to award gold tickets, so if you don’t have yours straight away, don’t worry! Check back later and it’ll be there :-)

Offer ends midnight, July 19, Monkey Standard Time.

That is a great opportunities for new monkeys or old to get shells or a membership and get a free bonus gold ticket which you can get a big award from.

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  1. king26 says:

    I what my son to be gold

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