Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 7 Walkthrough

In this chapter, you can unlock “Boggarts”. There is nothing to collect here. To unlock Boggarts, you will have to defeat several different entities.Β After defeating one, refresh the page. After the page loads, you will be able to play the spell game again.

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After you get to the mummy, you will be able to unlock Boggarts.

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  1. You can unlock extra content about the boggart. You have to keep refreshing the page until the boggart is a mummy and defeat it. Once you defeat it, it turns into a dead body, which you can then click to unlock the extra content.

  2. If you refresh the page and keep doing the spell until you get the mummy than you unlock the page about Boggarts.

  3. cast the RIDDIKULUD spell on snape, then go to the end of the chapter, then go back using the bottom arrow, then cast the spell on the hand/bandshee, then refresh, cast the spell again, repeat the cycle until you defeat the mummy, click the body on the floor to unlock Boggart.

  4. In order to unlock the section by J.K. Rowling about the boggart, you need to reload the moment enough times to defeat the Snape, Banshee, and Mummy boggarts, then click on the fallen mummy.

    • Also, each time you load the moment, you need to perform the ridikulous spell in order to defeat the boggart.

  5. You have to keep refreshing the screen until the mummy pops up and you cast the Riddikulus spell. This will unlock the information on the Boggart.

  6. the activity. to get rid of the boggart you perform riddikulus. and i have no idea how to do it

  7. There is something here, when you get to the mummy boggart (you may have to refresh) you do ridikulus again and you get the J.K. Rowling exclusive on Boggarts.

  8. If you go back to the bogart, you can fight it’s different forms, just keep returning to the page. Use the Up Arrow to bring up the spell queue for Riddikulus and keep using this until you’ve defeated the hand, the banshee and the mummy. I’m not sure if they stay in that order or not, but after I took out the mummy, I got a “Read about Boggarts” item with his head.

  9. If you read about the different characters by choosing them from the “Characters” menu, then the moment will cycle through the different incarnations of the boggart (Prof. Snape, giant spider, mummy, banshee, severed hand).

  10. There’s nothing to collect but if you refresh the page different boggarts appear that you can attack with the Riddikulus spell – I saw Snape, a giant spider, a mummy, a banshee and a severed hand.

  11. In this chapter, when you hoover over the wardrobe, there will be a boggart. When you click on it, the little spell game will appear. Although I don’t know how to unblock the special about boggarts πŸ™

    • Ok, I found a way to unblock an artible about boggarts! πŸ™‚ I kept refreshing the page after every time I played a game. First I had to fight with Snape hiding in the wardrobe, then with huge spider, a walking hand and in the end with a mummy. After defeating every single boggart using Riddikulus spell, you will be able to see an article in “Read about” in “Creatures” section. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  12. Click on the closet door and Neville’s Boggart Snape will appear. It wants you to cast the Riddikulus spell, just like the dueling game. After you’ve successfully completed the spell, Grandmother Snape shall appear.

  13. There’s “Read About” content on Boggarts that you unlock when you successfully perform the Riddikulus spell on one of the versions. (Sorry, I’ve forgotten which one it is.) On IE9, you have to refresh the page after performing the spell to get the next version of the Boggart. Versions are a severed hand, a mummy, Professor Snape, a giant spider, and a banshee.

  14. If you double click on the inside of the closet, it brings up the riddikulus spell. perform it correctly and Snape dons a green coat, purse, hat, and heels.

  15. You click on the wardrobe and a boggart comes out, then you double click it and a spell comes up, you do the spell till you get a mummy then that unlocks a bit about boggarts.

    Hope this helps x

  16. You have to cast the Riddikulus spell 3 times in order to get the Boggart book. You do this by refreshing the page 3 times, once you “defeat” the bloody mummy you can click on him and get the book.

  17. You have to click the cabinet and then follow the riddikulus spell, similar to alohomora in book 1, chapter 8

  18. i did again and this time I got a bloddy mummy witch I defeated and unlocked the content for boggarts

  19. Once you have “riddikulused” the boggard, double-click him, then the extra information for the boggart is released. But I only found out after the 5th boggart (they change every time you start that part of chapter 7, so it may very well be that you have to “riddikulus” more than one to unlock the secret. I’m not sure.

  20. You can meet a banshee, a mummy, a hand, a spider, and Snape. You will unlock the ‘Boggart’ after beating the Mummy.

  21. You’re supposed to be able to unlock the Boggart exclusive content, but other than doing the Ridikulous spell, I don’t see any way to unlock it…

  22. There’s not really something to be found in this chapter, but it’s fun to defeat the boggart. Everytime you play it, the boggart appears in a different way. When he comes as a mummy, you can unlock the exclusive content.

  23. If you keep going through the bogarts until you defeat the mummy, you get background on bogarts.

  24. You can unlock “Boggart” when you visit the chapter for a second time. There will be a mummy and after you perform the spell, you can click on it and you’ll unlock it.

  25. unlock content on boggarts by going through the various boggarts until you get to the mummy.

  26. If you double click the wardrobe, a boggart will appear. Use the spell Riddikulus, it will of course turn to something else, click it then you will discover the boggart.

  27. No items found. Here you get to perform the spell Riddikulus. Either zoom in once or double click to get started. I went back to this several times and so far have gotten a spider, a severed hand, Snape and a mummy to transform. When I transformed the mummy, it unlocked the reading titled Boggart.

  28. Moment 1:
    On second zoom, if you click the boggart in the wardrobe you’re given a challenge with the spell “riddikulus,” which presumably unlocks the extra info on the creature. Unfortunately, it seems that the site might be a little buggy – I’m unable to get the spell to work properly.

  29. To unlock the Boggart extra text I used the riddiculus spell on a mummy – or it could be that it was the 5th boggart shape I defeated (one was a shadowy figure in the closet, two was a severed hand, three was a wailing banshee, four a huge spider)

  30. Click on the wardrobe and you get to cast “Riddikilus.” You will get one of several boggarts and unlock special content on boggarts!

  31. If you keep refreshing until you get the mummy, cast the spell, then click on the mummy you can unlock exclusive content.

  32. In Chapter 7, you can shut up the screaming (and did I mention creepy?) boggart, by clicking or double click it. It will make you cast the RIDDIKULUS spell.. πŸ™‚

  33. You can unlock the “boggart” on this chapter…you can keep on refreshing and different boggarts (banshee, mummy, snape, spider, severed hand…)

  34. In book 3 chapter 7, click on the closet door to see the Boggart. Cast the Ridikkulus spell -changes the Boggart to Snape in Neville’s Grandmother’s clothing – and then unlock the Boggart read about.

  35. If you dobbleclick on the door it opens and you have to cast the spell “riddiculus” than the boggard turned into Snape (dressed as Mrs. Longbottom) if you refresh the site an did it again, it change this time into a mummys hand in a mousetrap:)

  36. update… if you refresh again, (or get back from the next – still locked chapter) there comes a whole mummy and when you did the spell you unlock something new about boggards from J.K.R. … there is also a big spider that looses her legs and a banshee that looses her voice… think that’s it:)

  37. There is a boggart in this chapter, mine was a mummy. You have to use the riddikulus spell and later you can click on it to read exclusive content

  38. If you get the mummy boggart and Riddikulus it, you can unlock Boggart. Just refresh until you get it.

  39. If you refresh the page for a couple of times or come back from the next/previous page, (after the casting spell correctly) you’ll see different boggarts and find the locked information about them

  40. I had made a comment and it never showed up so here it is again.

    There is something here it’s an exclusive content on boggarts. To get it you have to get passed the boggart of Snape you may have to refresh your webpage but when the mummy comes up and you use the spell you get the exclusive content on it.

  41. Double click to do the riddikklus spell. Go back a moment, then forward and repeat do this several times and you will be able to click on the boggart and unlock ‘boggart’ by J.K. Rowling

  42. Double click to do the cast riddikkulus spell. Go back a chapter and forward again and double click again to do the riddikkulus spell again. And again. And repeat until you can click on the boggart’s remains. Then you unlock ‘Boggart’ by J.K. Rowling

  43. if you wanna find “the boggart” just refresh your page til it change into “the mummy”. And after you spell the charm, click he broken mummy πŸ™‚

  44. just use the spell “riddikulus” on the boggart that will appear , then click on it so you can unlock the content of “boggart”

  45. if you do the spell correctly, you will force the boggart to assume the shape of snape dressed as neville’s grandmother…

  46. You have to Riddikulus 3 times- that is the mummy, giant spider & walking dead hand to unlock Boggart.

  47. Keep refreshing until you can fight the mummy. When you’ve defeated it, click on the body to find the content~

  48. Actually, I was just playing around on the site in this chapter and each time I refreshed the page I got a new thing to perform the charm on. Once I performed it on the mummy and it fell to the floor and lost it’s head, you can click on the mummy and it will unlock content from J.K. Rowling about bogarts. Just thought you ought to know.

  49. When you put your mouse over the wheel thing on the left you can it has a dimmed out “boggart” which means you can collect information on them but I don’t know how.

  50. all you have to do is open the door by moving the mouse over it. then, zoom in once to cast the spell. this one is not at all hard because it goes very slowly.

  51. You have to doubleclick on the wardrobe and then you have to use the spell ‘Riddikulus’ in the same way as in the duells. I’m still searching for a way to unlock the special content about the Boggart…

  52. You have to do the Riddikkilus spell twice; for the second time, it’s a mummy, and once you finish it’ll fall down. Clicking on it unlocks the special content for boggarts.

  53. If you refresh until the boggart is a mummy, then use the spell to defeat it, you can click on it’s body to get the Boggart information from Rowling.

  54. You can reload the page and get different boggarts, I done this and after i had used Ridikulus on the mummy i could click on him to unlock the content on Boggarts by JK Rowling πŸ™‚

  55. Refresh your page till you get the mummy as bogart, when you do your riddikulus spell and he falls, click the bandages, you unlock boggart

  56. There is a boggart to fight in this chapter. You double-click the screen and you have to cast a spell just like you do during the duels. Once you’ve beaten the boggart, you just keep refreshing and casting the spell until it lets you click on the defeated boggart to read about them.

  57. Double click on the closet and professor snape will come out in neville’s grandmothers clothing

  58. After I defeated the boggart NUMEROUS times, a mummy boggart appeared – and defeating it and clicking its remains allowed me to unlock “Boggarts”. Not sure if there’s a formula or trick to making the mummy appear faster, but there is SOMETHING in the chapter.

  59. There is a Riddikulus spell to be done and apparently you can unlock Boggart. Although I am still trying to figure out how.

  60. When the Boggart turns into a mummy, double click and the mummy’s head will fall off. Click the headless mummy and unlock “Boggart”.

  61. The end of chapter seven, when you face the boggart- You will get either Snape, the banshee, the mummy, the spider or the hand. When you get the mummy, and preform the spell- his head will fall off and by clicking his body you unlock JK’s “exclusive content”.

  62. You can open the text on boggart if you refresh until you see a blood-dripping mummy and cast riddikulus on it.

  63. You have to unlock the extras about boggarts by casting the riddikulus spell on it πŸ™‚

  64. Double-click on the Boggart cabinet and you can perform the Riddikulus spell – Snape-Boggart changes into Grandma Longbottom’s clothes!

  65. Then click on the Boggart after you’ve defeated it with a successful Riddikulus spell to unlock J.K.’s notes on Boggarts. πŸ™‚ If you mess up on the spell, just refresh the page. Each time you refresh the Boggart appears as something different. I got Snape the first time, then a dismembered hand crawling across the floor, then lastly a mummy.

  66. inside the box is the boggart, you have to do the riddikulus spell, but i don’t know if there’s anything after ! it just stay in the funny costume

  67. You have to defeat the Boggart a number of times before you can unlock new information about it. You need to cast the ‘Riddikulus’ spell and you will defeat each Boggart. The first one should be Professor Snape; from then on, it can alternate a few times between a spider, a banshee, a disembodied hand, Professor Snape and the final one you should get is a mummy.

    • And forgot to mention: double click the Boggart to bring up the spell, then refresh after every successful cast to bring a new Boggart.

  68. Keep doing the spell until a mummy occurs, then do the spell on the mummy and click on its corpse.
    You’ll unlock Boggart.

  69. Double clicking on the wardrobe will bring out a Boggart being Snape. Doing the charm will put him in a dress.

  70. I don’t have any suggestions, but I was wondering how to get the exclusive content on boggarts??

  71. You can unlock a thing about Boggarts if you refresh the page and do the spell 4 times.

    • They are all forms the students see in the novels for instance:
      wailing banshee – Seamus
      Professor Snape – Neville
      giant spider – Ron
      severed hand – Dean
      bloody mummy – Parvati

  72. If you enter this moment and there is no mummy on the screen, refresh the page until you see it (you may instead see a zombie woman in a dress, a spider, or something else but you want the mummy). Then, double-click on it and a spell (Riddikulus) will appear; perform it. The mummy will be “defeated” and you can click on it to read about boggarts.

  73. If you press on the cabinet the boggart of Snape will appear and then you will have to perform the riddikulus charm so it will turn into Neville’s aunt (or clothes)

  74. If you refresh the boggart section until you fight it in all its forms, you unlock the new boggart info from J.K. Rowling.

  75. If you click back and forth between the end of chp. 7 and this moment until you get the mummy, you can double click on it, perform Riddikulus, and then click on the mummy’s wrappings to unlock ‘Boggart’.

  76. I went back to the start of the chapter and re-opened the boggart page. It was a mummy after the iconic Snape-in-Grandma-Longbottom’s-clothes. I’m not sure if it’s how well you perform the spell. I was able to boss it the second time. Anywho, when the mummy falls, click on his dead body to unlock J.K.’s exclusive content on Boggarts.

  77. You have to doubleclick on whatever scary thing popping up, then the “Riddikulus”-spell will emerge. After casting the spell (as in a wizards-duel) you get acces to the exclusive content Boggart. Just so you know, the Boggart changes so for all of you who wanted a test – it’s randomized which Boggart you get πŸ˜€

  78. The only thing you can unlock is more information on the boggart. If you fight the boggart with riddikulus you should be able to click ont he boggart itself and unlock the info.

  79. If you touch the cupboard, it opens, revealing a boggart. Click it to unlock J.K.Rowling’s exclusive content. πŸ™‚

  80. After battling the boggart with the spell riddikulus, you can unlock extra info about boggarts by clicking on the boggart.

  81. There is a way to unlock boggart info on Chapter 7… You must reload the page until a mummy shows on screen, after double click on the screen and cast riddikulus the mummy will fall down, clicking on the mummy you unlock the info…

  82. Double tap the cupboard and you can cast the ‘Ridukulus’ spell at the boggart πŸ™‚

  83. You can open the wardrobe chest and do a spell that has the man turn into a woman…? That’s all. I didn’t find anything to collect either.

  84. If you double click on the open cabinet you get to perform the Riddikulus spell.

  85. If you double click on the open cabinet you get to perform the Riddikulus spell, and Snape comes out as Neville’s grandmother.

  86. If you make a double click on the cupboard, there appears the word “riddikulus”. Some of the letters are bright. The dark letters appear above. It looks like you have to make a spell, I havenΒ΄t found out yet how it works.

  87. When you double click the boggart, you get to cast the Riddikulus spell, which unlocks “Creatures: Boggart”.

  88. on this chapter how can i pass the part of “RIDDIKULUS” spell, i really don’t understand that parte, please help.

  89. If you do the ridkkilus spell, the boggart changes into something funny, and you can click on it to unlock idden content on boggarts.

  90. Click on the Boggart and “Riddikulus” spell comes up. Do this a couple of times and refresh and there is new content on Boggarts

  91. You can unlock Boggarts – Moment 1. Complete the Boggart repelling charm, unlocked by clicking on the boggart. You can only unlock this by repelling the Boggart that transforms into a mummy. Once you perform the spell on the mummy, click on it once it is on the floor. If you do not get the mummy, keep refreshing until you do (the boggart cycles through a few different forms).

  92. Don’t know if anyone else has realized this yet, but the boggart can show up as different things. First time, it was Professor Snape. Second time, it was a disembodied hand. Third time, I think it was a banshee.

  93. I couldn’t unlock boggarts, though, until I got and defeated the bloody mummy.

  94. If you click the cubboard, it opens, once it’s open click the creature inside and a spell will appear, do the spell (Ridikulus) and the creature will turn into summing funny.

  95. After doing Riddikulus on Snape, refresh the page and you’ll get a different Boggart (the mummy). Double click it and cast Riddikulus and it will collapse with its head off and you can click its body to get new info on the Boggart.
    If you refresh the pages some more, you’ll get either the Acromantula, a banshee, a crawling hand but I don’t think they yield anything other than more Riddikulus practice and their amusing, yet morbid, result.

  96. It seems if you visit this moment for the second time, not Snape, but a mummy apears. If you click this mummy you can read about boggarts. (Though I cannot find items either)

  97. Click on the wardrobe. The door opens and you see professor Snape. Click on it again and you’re prompted to do the Riddikulus charm. Then it turns into Neville’s grandma.

  98. Oh! Go back and click again. Instead of Professor Snape, you get a zombie arm and you do the charm again.

  99. Don’t worry about that question I’ve just asked. I’ve worked it out. If your boggart is a mummy, move onto the 2nd level of zoom and cast the spell ‘Riddikulus’ and its head will fall off and roll away. Click on the mummy’s body and you unlock ‘Boggart’ news from JKRowling

  100. You can unlock the boggart by performing the Riddikulus spell. The more powerful the spell, the more likely the boggart will be defeated and the boggart can be moused over to unlock.

  101. After having defeated three versions of the boggart (Snape (twice), a severed hand and a mummy (by double-clicking on the R, then clicking on the letters as the light moves) I unlocked a “read about” about boggarts. I seemed to have to reload it to get a different boggart.

  102. You have to defeat the boggart by doing the spell and then it unlocks info about Boggarts. Make sure you do the spell well otherwise it won’t work. The boggart will fall to the floor and then out your mouse over it and you can read about Boggarts.

  103. Double click on the Boggart and you will have to perform the Riddikulus spell. It’s Neville’s turn so you get to see good old Professor Snape all dressed up!

  104. Cast Riddikulus on the three Boggarts (Snape, severed hand and mummy), going to the end chapter screen between each and clicking on the defeated mummy unlocks Boggart JKR entry.

  105. you must perform the Riddikulus charm against the Boggart Mummy then click on his body to unlock the Boggart

  106. Actually, sometimes there is ahand crawling across the floor or something else such as a giant spider or snake, it changes each time. I just had Snape in Neville’s Grandmother’s clothes.

  107. I found out how to unlock the Boggart page. πŸ™‚ You need to perform the Riddikulus spell on different boggarts until it gets unlocked. I got Snape on the first try so I just kept checking chapter 7 again until I got the other Boggarts. I think there are more than 4 Boggarts but I only had to encounter 4 to get the page.

  108. you can unlock boggarts by do this scene more than once. when the mummy boggart is transformed, you can click the body to unlock this new information

  109. If you double click on the banshee, it will bring up the Ridikkulus spell for you to perform.

  110. on book three chapter 7 when i finish that chap. it will not let me go to the next chap. whats wrong?

  111. It’s not an object to collect, but if you hover over the wardrobe, Boggart-Snape will appear and you’ll have to cast Riddikulus (and remember how to cast spells).

  112. It seems that I can’t access into chapter 8 . does it have anything to do with what house I’m sorted into ?

  113. you just perform the ridikkulus spell that turns the boggart into snape wearing neville’s granny’s clothes

  114. Cant seem to get get over chapter 7 in book 3? well here is a tip. either u haven’t cast the ridiculous spell rightly or u just have to wait for a long time.and add me pottermore Dawn shadow is mt second account because I got 2many on my original account.

    happy if i helped.

  115. You can unlock information about the Boggart by going to the end of chapter 7 and clicking back to the moment, sometimes you will face a different form of boggart than Snape (mummy, zombie hand, spider) and when you defeat the mummy (at least the mummy, that’s how I did it) you can click the remains and get information on Boggarts.

  116. If you repeat chapter 7 until the boggart’s a mummy you can unlock a new reading from J.K. when you beat it.. πŸ˜€

  117. If you click the boggart once when it is professor snape, then leave and return it becomes a mummy. Click the mummy until you can perform riddikulus, whem it falls to the ground click on it to recieve the info boggarts^^

  118. To unlock the new from J.K. Rowling info on ‘Boggart,’ you have to successfully cast Riddikulus three times. Refresh and you’ll get to cast it on Neville’s, Ron’s, and Parvati’s boggarts. πŸ™‚

  119. you have to refresh till you get to the mummy, if you solved that you can click on it and unlock the boggart. first click on the cabinet…then refresh

  120. it scared me when the door opened and there was a “kid” but i knew it was the boggart. However according to the movie, no one knew what a boggart really look like.

  121. I clicked on the “boggart” twice, and it made me do the RIDDIKULUS spell, and there’s the scene where “Snape” was wearing a hat with a vulture. The one like in the movie, and I heard laughter.

  122. To unlock the Boggart you need to use the Ridikulus spell with the mummy. You just need to come back for the Start of Chapter 7 and click on the image until appears the mummy.
    Sorry, I know my English is terrible… but I tried without using the Google Translate ^^
    P.S. Add me: AccioWolf28295

  123. Just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given on this site! Helped me find some things I missed, and makes it easier to find where to go back to when I flub a potion and need more supplies!

  124. Refreshing the page lets you face different Boggarts. So far we’ve faced Snape, bloodied mummy, banshee, acromantula, and a zombie’s hand.

  125. Well, there really is nothing to collect, but if you double click the open wardrobe, you cast the Riddikulus spell – at least a bit of fun!

  126. You can double-click on the boggart you get. Do Riddikulus! Refresh the page. There should be another boggart. There are 5 boggarts: Professor Severus Snape, bloody mummy, giant spider, a crawling hand, and a banshee. You will unlock Boggarts if you do Riddikulus on a bloody mummy and click on the corpse afterwards.

  127. If you open the door and zoom in, it allows you to cast “riddiculus” to dress Snape in Neville’s Gram’s clothes

    • If you continue going to the page, it generates several boggarts, including a spider and a mummy!

  128. I got the mummy. When I’ve done the minigame, I can click on it and got ‘Boggart’ article.

  129. if you get the mummy bogart then double-click then preform the spell riddikulus then press the decapitated body. then you unlock ‘bogart’ if you don’t get the mummy, refresh the page until you do

  130. I cant unlock the boggart entry.. eventhough ive do the ridikulus thingy o.O hmmm.

  131. I mean, there isn’t anything super interesting. But maybe show that you have to double click the screen and cast a spell..

  132. You need to defeat the mummy to unlock the new content from J K Rowling. Just refresh and refresh the page. Each time you will get a different boggart (Snape – Neville, banshee – Seamus, spider – Ron, hand – Dean, mummy – Parvati). Double-click to cast the spell Riddikulus.

  133. If you go back to the boggart a couple of times
    1) it changes form and
    2) when you defeat it when its a mummy you can unlock information of boggarts πŸ™‚

  134. you have to cast the spell. double click to make it appear. professor snape boggart will change.

  135. if u click the boggart u have to cast a spell and boggart changes into snape in neville’s granny’s hat

  136. On the side under exclusive content…it appears we can unlock “boggart” but I have been unable to find out how…

  137. click on the closet untill to Bogart comes out, use the spell to win, keep refreshing the page untill you defeat the Mummy, then click to “read more” about the Bogart, then it will let you move on to chapter 8

  138. If you double click on the wardrobe it opens ro reveal snape and you then have to do riddikulus for it to turn into wearing nevilles grandmother’s clothes

  139. Come back to the boggart. Once it is Snape, come back and it is a frail lady, come back again and it is a mummy once you have “defeated” the mummy you can click it to unlock the “Boggart” content.

  140. It isn’t a frail lady its a Banshee, you can hear her scream if you have the sound on.

    Also I had a spider. so maybe it is just beat it three times?

  141. go forward then back three times
    a mummy will appear and you will be prompted to use the spell riddikulus and you will get a read about the boggart

  142. You can unlock the boggart by double clicking and doing the spell, pressing next. In order to unlock the boggart, you have to click next and go back and do the spell three times.

  143. I can’t get to chapter 8 in book 3 because of something in chapter 7. Anyone have suggestions?

  144. You need to cast the Ridikulus spell THREE times successfully then the Boggart will turn into Snape wearing lady’s clothes..

  145. You can unlock Boggarts, but to do that you need to perform Riddikulus on a mummy Boggart and then click on the body.

  146. When you doubleclick on the torch left to the wardrobe, a boggart appears and you get to practise the spell ‘Riddikulus’.

  147. In chapter 7, you can click on the the cupboard and a black figure will appear and you click on it and you will have to cast the ‘ridikulus’ spell and unlock ‘Boggarts’

  148. if you double click the boggart, it will let you do the ridiculous spell and it turns into snape in longbottom’s grandmother’s clothes

  149. Well, apparently you can practice the Riddikulus spell, and unlock Bogart’s, but I haven’t quite figured out how to yet… any idea?

  150. Chapters 8 until 15 are already finished (they came out yesterday), so we can play Pottermore again πŸ™‚ Just to let you guys know..

  151. You’ve unlocked ‘Boggarts’ by J.K. Rowling!Close

    Learn more about these shape-shifting creatures.
    *you have to refresh the page till you see a creature, beat the spell puzzle, then click on said creature after it looks defeated to unlock the only thing on this page.

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