Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom of moment 1, you can unlock Hogwarts Ghosts.

In the second level of zoom (zoom out), you can pick up the book ‘Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century’.

You can also pick up a Bertie Bott’s Sardine-Flavoured Bean.

On the floor, you can pick up a Bertie Bott’s Liver and Tripe-Flavoured Bean.

In the third level of zoom of moment 1, you can pick up a free galleon under the desk.

On a student’s desk, you will find a Quill.

On the next student’s desk, you can pick up ‘The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards’ homework scroll.

Moving onto moment 2, you will first have to wipe all the fog off the mirror by dragging your mouse over the mirror. It will look something like:

In the third level of zoom, you can collect Leeches.

Click on the bathroom door to reveal a galleon.

In the next stall, open the door for a Bertie Bott’s Bogey-Flavoured Bean.

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21 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

    • I can’t open the doors do you have to be on the computer I’m on the touch screen

      Click on it

    • You don’t unlock the ghost in this one. You should’ve already have clicked Peeves and unlocked ‘Hogwarts Ghosts’. Hope this helped!

  1. I couldn’t open the second stall door but I still managed to collect the bean! It somehow glowed through the door when I hovered my mouse over it.

  2. just hover your mouse through the doors if you can’t open any of them. The galleon and the bean will just be revealed to you.

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