Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

In the first moment, you can pick up a Grey Feather.

In the second moment, after one level of zoom (in the second level of zoom), you can pick up a pair of Earmuffs.

Also there are some Dragon-dung Compost.

Also under the second level of zoom are the Valerian Sprigs.

You can also pick up a Small Trowel.

You can pick up protective gloves, which are on the table next to the books.

Last but not least in moment 2, you can pick up Bat Wings..

In moment 3, you have to put the pixies back into their cages. After you get all 10 back into their cages, you will receive a Dymphna Furmage Chocolate Frog Card. Keep in mind you have 50 seconds for this.

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56 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

  1. Hey, in moment 2 in the second level of zoom you can also pick up “protective gloves” – on the left side of the table, next to the blue/brownish books. 🙂

  2. You can also pick up a pair of gloves on the left table near the books. Just thought you should know!

  3. You can also pick up protective gloves in stage 2 if you click on the table above the bat wings where the gloves are.

  4. Am totally stuck on the Cornish pixies. Mentioning some random game many people haven’t played isn’t as productive as you think it is, still don’t know the rules.

  5. I found four different earmuffs in moment two..
    1.green earmuffs.
    2.blue earmuffs.
    3.red earmuffs.
    4.pink earmuffs.

    but my sister can only find the pink ones.

  6. Eeek! They should give you a galleon for every time to have to try to get all the pixies… They keep grabbing my wand!

  7. In the first moment, you can double click on the Howler. If you double click 4 times, it bursts open. Double click again and it will burst into flames. One more time and it will turn to ashes. Nothing to collect, but kind of fun.

  8. ‘You want to move your mouse around the pixies so they each go into the cage.’

    I’ve been moving my mouse around the pixies for days and at most have got 2 in the cage, but then the message at the end usually says ‘none’, even when I got two. Anybody else have any helpful suggestions?

    • just put it on one side, they will move away from your wand so it’s, yes, like puffle round-up.

  9. I know players who aren’t from the US who can pick up multiple earmuffs, all in different colors. I cannot, is there a trick to this? Please help.

  10. I dont get how to help the pixies out!! it’s driving me insane i’ve been trying for like 10 mins literally!! Can anyone help me?

  11. how about instead of saying “oooh i got this many pixies” you tell us how you managed to catch the bloody things?!

  12. They don’t want to go in. I can only manage one and it tells me to try again, I am going to get so frustrated although it took a few tries with gnomes in book one last night. going to keep trying tho.

  13. I got all 10 pixies in, but didn’t get a card 🙁 Any suggestions/comments about what to do or why I didn’t get it?

    Add me if you want-NightFlight24027

  14. Yay, 10 out of 10!!! And I got the card!! Thanks a lot for this very useful walkthrough..

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