Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 18 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom in Chapter 18 moment 1, start by picking up a Ginger Newt.

In the second level of zoom, you can unlock “The Sword of Gryffindor”.

In the third level of zoom, there are 3 items to pick up from the shelf on the right: Nettle Wine, 5 galleons, and the Mirabella Plunkett Chocolate Frog Card.

You can also pick up a copy of Transfiguration Today.

There does not appear to be anything in moment 2. Again, if you do find anything, please let me know.

Book 3 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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  1. On the third level of zoom on moment one, there is a book on the second shelf of the bookcase to the left of the two green books side by side. Titled “Transfiguration Today”

  2. I do not make potions or duel, so the only way I get points for my house is to collect things. I am ending Chamber of Secrets with 98 points, which leads me to believe I am missing something from the entire book..

    • how in the world did you get that much?! I made a few potions but I still only have 33 house points…

    • Wait… when I go to my profile it says “Current House Points” and “Total House Points” . What does that mean?

    • Total house points means the house points you have earned during all three pottermore house cups. Current means the number you have earned during this year’s house cup.

    • current is how many you have since the most recent house cup awarding, and total is how many youve had over your career

    • are you Slytherin? if not you must go to Slytherin common room with using polyjuice potion, because there are objects to get at the common room

    • You’re missing about 50 points. I suggest going back through the books. You need to make Swelling Potion and Polyjuice potion to get about 10ish points. I haven’t completed the polyjuice potion to get into slytherin common room, and I have 157 points.

    • ^thats because every time a house wins the house cup, the points reset themselves. current points are the number of points you earned for your house this time round. total points means all the points you’ve ever earned.

  3. In Moment 1, third level of zoom, you can also collect ‘Transfiguration Today’ from the bookshelf. It’s on the second shelf, on the left.

  4. There was on zoom three a paper between two of the books called Transfiguration Today. It was on the middle shelf and looks like a thin book.

  5. you were able to collect the needlework and a montrose magpies badge on the table with the ginger newts, but you can’t anymore. does anyone know why?

    • I read somewhere that it’s a glitch, but I still can’t pick up the needlework or see the badge at all…hope it gets fixed soon!

    • it’s probably your browser- try firefox, chrome, safari. anything but what you’re using.

  6. according to another source there you can collect the ginger newts from the tin on the table and you can collect the needlework also but i am having difficulty doing that. I can’t seem to figure out if I have it or if it just isn’t showing up in my trunk. If somebody else could let me know. CharmDraconis19602

  7. @PixieMist78 you really should make the potions. There are more things to collect after you make them. After you make the swelling solution in Book 2 Chapter 11, you can go back to Snape’s office at the beginning of book 2 (Chapter 5 I think?) and collect things out of a secret cupboard. And after you make Polyjuice Potion you can get into the Slytherin common room in chapter 12 (if you aren’t already a Slytherin) and collect a few more things. That’s probably the majority of what you’re missing.

  8. You would think after the first person said there was a book on the shelf in the third level of moment 1 that everyone else would stop saying so. Clearly that’s not the case.

  9. I also do not duel or make potions, so I miss out on the Slytherin page earlier. But I am ending CoS with 103, so if someone has 98, yes, they’ve missed a few things.

  10. I’m ending Chamber of Secrets with 141 points and I have yet to visit Snape’s secret room or the Slytherin common room… so I think you may have missed quite a few things!

    • I’m finishing CoS with 110 points and I have previously dueled and make potions (not frequently) so it all depends on how often and if you duel, spell and potion. I have collected everything in these walk-throughs and all that I could find.

  11. there still should be one more book to collect. I’ve everything else but in my trunk is still one empty spot in book section.

  12. There is a glitch and some people are not able to collect the needle work and the quidditch badge

  13. I finished CoS with 135 points. No duels, nor potions. I suck at potion-making, and I haven’t gone to that secret area in Snape’s office.

  14. Can anyon plz tll m how to complete chapter 2 and get to chapter 3 in potter more I keep gettin stuck on the last part with Dobby it says tht I have to go back to my gateway whn I do I click on my chapter and I am still on book 2..


  15. It talks about earning a badge for picking a lock with the hairpin. any ideas what its talking about???

  16. which chapter is snape’s office? and what “secret area?”
    where we suppose to find tom riddle’s diary? i do not do potions or duels, and ended up with 107 points, i wonder how many is the max on just collecting items?

  17. Buy the books for year two from Diagon Alley.I do wish they would give us some hints for things that dont stare in our faces.

  18. same here!!! i can’t continue to PoA and this is sucks because i really want to play it soon!! 🙁

  19. If you stay on zoom level zero (so don’t zoom in or out when the scene starts) and roll your cursor over the blue plaid circular case, there’s a Ginger Newt inside 🙂

  20. There was also a Monstrose Magpies quidditch badge but it gliched soon after CoS was released and is now impossible to get. ):

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