Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 17 Walkthrough

There does not appear to be anything within Chapter 17, and judging from the comments on the Chapter 17 page, I don’t appear to be alone.

Move on to Chapter 18.

36 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 17 Walkthrough

  1. Someone made a logical comment at the End of Chapter about the lack of collectibles: “SilverWombat11981 you don’t collect anything, no ones ever come down there so it would be ridiculous to find a bertie botts every flavour bean or something.”

    • I guess that does make sense, but how cool would it be to find a basilisk scale or something down there? SOUVENIR!

    • Oh, but finding Galleons all over the place (apparently dropped by rich students), not to mention stealing tons of books/ingredients/cards/etc. is perfectly normal!

  2. It does seem as though there should be something in the first moment. There not even anything that is interactive.

    • Mabye you should be able to actually collect tom riddle’s diary that would be AWESOME!

    • Actually, there is an interactive element in the first scene. If you put your cursor over the left tap on the far right sink and click, it starts spinning and opens the slide into the chamber.

    • No, because they ended up going back for the Basalisk fang in the last book, don’t they?

    • Not THE basilisk fang A basilisk fang. He had more than one fang. Plus she never specifies if it was the same one so it is possible to collect a basilisk fang in the chamber.

  3. Really, the place is absolutely empty! (collectibly speaking) Nothing to collect! Couldn’t the creators of pottermore find something interesting to stick in there? Clearly, these scenes were hurried.

  4. In the moment 2
    Zoom 1 is to hear the basilisk
    the zoom 2 up to see the flying phoenix
    zoom 3 is to see the face of the basilisk

  5. It think it was a smart choice from Pottermore. We must remember that is was not a “fun” chapter in the book. Ginny almost dies, Harry confronts Riddle, and Harry kills his first horcrux. I felt it properly reflected the feel of the chapter, intense and serious.

  6. is there any way to get to book three or is it locked? i tried to get to book three but it wont let me get to it can anyone tell me whats going on there?

  7. In moment 1 zoom 2, you can scroll over the figure which I believe to be Voldemort and it changes between Voldemort and Tom Riddle

  8. There might not have been anything to collect but I had enough fun hovering the mouse over the Basilisk’s eye in moment 2 and making it bleed!

  9. In moment one, when you hover over the blue box, you can get a ginger newt. you can also unlock thhe sword of gryffindor in the second level of zoom. in the third level of zoom, you can collect 5 galleons, a bottle of nettle wine, and a mirabella Plunkett chocolate frog card. In moment two theres nothing to collect.

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