Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 12 Walkthrough

In the second level of zoom of moment 1 in book 2 chapter 12, start by picking up Dragon Blood.

Also in the second level of zoom, you can pick up a Sherbet Lemon.

In moment 2 within the first level of zoom, you can pick up a Bertie Bott’s Overcooked Cabbage-Flavoured Bean.

Also within the first level of zoom, pick up Lacewing Flies.

You can also unlock “Polyjuice Potion”.

Moment 3 is the Slytherin Common Room. In order to enter without being a Slytherin, you must have the Polyjuice Potion. See our Polyjuice Potion Walkthrough for help on brewing it. After having the potion, you will have to click the wall to reveal the Slytherin Common Room.

In the second level of zoom in moment 3, pick up the Montague Knightly Chocolate Frog Card.

In the third level of zoom, you can take a closer look.

In the third level of zoom, also pick up Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy.

Above the fireplace you can find 5 galleons.

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    • go to potions and view your Cauldrons. From there you can select “brew potion with this cauldron”

    • I never had to brew the potion because I’m in Slytherin, so if you’re in Slytherin, you don’t have to!


  1. i don’t know how to get in either and i need help! do we actually need to start brewing the polyjuice potion? i don’t want to mess it up :S

  2. One of the middle bricks, click it to get into the common room. zoom. on that level, move your mours over the chess board on the left, a piece will move and you can get a card. third level you can collect a book on the lounge, and read a newspaper clipping next to the christmas tree. there are 5 gaellons on a skill on the fireplace(you may have to move your mouse over the lamps, not sure if it was cause/effect or coincidence).

  3. In the Slytherin Common Room: Moment 3 – this was all i found:
    Mongague Knightley (Chocolate Frog)
    Nature’s Nobility (Book)
    Enquiry at the Ministry of Magic – non-collectible

  4. I was having a lot of trouble keeping the temprature in between the required zones, for part 1 and 2, but mainly 2, and I was wondering if there’s a trick…?

    • What I do is, I start of with the strongest(red) flame and once the temperature reaches the start of the required(marked) zone I switch to medium flame. And when the temperature is about to reach the top of that zone, I switch the flame off, which will make the temperature decrease. When it’s closing in on the minimum of the temp zone which it should be, switch the medium flame on. Keep doing this until the required time is reached! You got to be quick and attentive though! Works with all potions! Enjoy!

  5. In Chapter 2 Moment 3 you can find a Frog Card and 5 Galleons
    I forgot to comment, so I might be missing something.

    • @MEGALODONprBest I can figure the only place you can go wrong is at 4:00 bcsauee he turns the page around to put the tape on and sticks the tape in the middle from the end piece of the flap you cut and wrap around to the panel beside it. Which isn’t very clear in the video.

  6. you have to either brew poly juice potion or be a member of slytherin house to enter the common room. there are things to collect in the common room so, so where’s the rest of the chapter on here.

    • They are in Snape’s Private Stores in Chapter 5. You have to brew the swelling solution first before you can access the Private Stores.

  7. How do you collect slytherin student hair? And where can you find horn of bicorn and skin of boomslang?

  8. When you get into the Slytherin common room, by clicking on the brick wall (provided you have brewed your polyjuice potion), there is a wizard chess set on a table. In the drawer is a chocolate frog card. There’s also Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy book to collect. In the third level of zoom, there’s 5 galleons on the fireplace. There’s also a Read About on a piece of paper at the right.

  9. in the slytherin common room after 2nd zoom if you move over the chess board the pieces will move and a drawer will open revealing a chocolate frog.
    on the 3rd zoom, you can get the book from the couch on the left.
    if you hover over the wall over the fireplace, one of statues’ mouths will open and you get 5 galleons.
    the desk infront of the student on the right has a clickable piece of paper that is revealed to be an article on arthur weasley being fined for the enchanted muggle car.

  10. I’m missing Fluxweed, Horn of Bicon and Skin of Boomslang… did i miss something? Where do i get these, as Diagon Alley doesn’t stock them (right?) …?

    • Ok, Fluxweed is under the Whomping Willow in chapter 5, the rest is in Snapes office, same chapter, zoom in all the way and find then on a shelf in the back. Good Luck!

    • fluxweed fifth chapter book 2 moment 2.
      you’ll have to breww swelling solution to be able to get horn of bicon and skin of boomslang. after you have brewed it go back to snape’s office and the door should have opened.
      good luck 🙂

  11. Where do you find the morte book? It’s not listed under potions, I only have book 1 there. Any help will be appreciated, thank you

    • You think you have to collect it in a scene. I think it’s the first moment in chapter 10.

    • Click on Lockhart’s note. I don’t think I was able to do it until I had all of the ingredients for the Polyjuice potion though. If you click on the note then you can collect Moste Potente Potions.

  12. Once I got into the Slytherin Common Room in Moment 3 (brewed the Polyjuice potion, I’m a Ravenclaw), I found ‘Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Geneology’ in the second zoom. Nothing else, I think.

  13. Once you get into the Slytherin common room, there is a read about there. It’s the piece of paper sitting on the table on the left after you zoom twice.

  14. ok ive brewed the polyjuice potion part one how do i use it? or do i need to brew part 2? if so i need a lot of help! lol

  15. Ok so I tried making the polyjuice potion and I totally messed it up and now I have no fluxweed left. My sister can’t even send it as a gift! Does anyone know how I get more? I can’t go any further until I make the potion and to do that I need fluxweed. Please Help!

  16. How do I unlock the polyjuice potion? I have all the ingredients but i cant see the bottle on the picture between the Cabbage-Flavoured Bean and the “read about” picture.

  17. i had collected everything for pollyjuice potion but the site went down and i lowst everything x it wont let me pick up fluxweed x help;;;

  18. Mwhahahahaha this is AwSOME! being a slytherin i dont hav to go to all the trouble of brewing! bbOOYAH!

  19. OK heres the thing I made the polyjuice potion and still i cant get into the slytherin common room!! Plz help!!!

  20. I don’t get what the Polyjuice potion was supposed to do. Nothing different happened when I went into the Slytherin common room :S

  21. In Dumbledore’s office, when I mouseover on the cabinet near the door on the back wall, the door partially opens and there appears to be a light inside. Has anyone been able to actually open the door? I’ve read elsewhere that you can use the hairpin to open a cupboard door in Dumbledore’s office. Has anyone actually done that?

    • I just assumed that the light in the cupboard is from the pensieve and since Harry doesn’t discover it until Goblet of Fire, we are not allowed to actually see it yet?

  22. Omg.. HOW TO FIND THE POTION: go to Potions, click on the second Potions book you have and then you will see that you can brew the Polyjuice Potion
    OR Go to your cauldrons, press one and click the Polyjuice potion.

    HOW TO MAKE the Polyjuice Potion: search Polyjuice Potion Walktrough on this website. You can find ‘search’ at the top of the page.
    I’m not english so my grammar is probably terrible -,-

  23. I was just wondering if it is REQUIRED to brew the polyjuice potion and enter the common room. Like, do you ABSOLUTELY need anything in there to progress?

    • Actually you don’t need to brew the potion. I logged in after being months away and realized I could just move on without brewing any potion at all. Make sure you have bought everything on the shopping list though, because otherwise you can’t move on the book 3!

  24. If you have brewed the polyjuice potion and can’t get in it means that you have only brewed part 1 of it. Go back to brew potions and you will see part 2 where you add the student’s hair.

  25. can someone please send me polyjuice potion?? please??? I’m having trouble making it. – HollyYew12151

  26. Ok, weirdly I brewed the Polyjuice Potion a few weeks ago, but I can’t get into the Slytherin common room and it doesn’t show up in my potions. Help?

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