Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 11 Walkthrough

You should be able to skip moment 1 of Chapter 11 simply by clicking the arrow to move on.

In moment 2 of Chapter 11, you’ll have to successfully guess the answer to 3 questions. I recommend reading through this post before you start as the questions are timed. You have to click the following in the first level of zoom:

The answer to the first question is something along the phrase of “Disarm”. Afterwards, proceed to the second level of zoom and click on:

The answer is something along the lines of “dance uncontrollably”. In the third level of zoom, click:

The answer to the third and final question is Rictusempra. Congratulations! You will now receive a Alberta Toothill Chocolate Frog Card.

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  1. on the left hand side of the page, it’s got the images that you can also click on to read. *under spells, it gives you all of the info as well. *encase you did like i did, and tried it like 2x’s before you get here.

  2. *FYI- on the first movement. *if you do not complete the spell, for whatever reason. *you can NOT purchase what you need: Dried Nettles. *you have to go back through the pages to re-add it to your acct. *found it in the garden of book 2, chapter 1, second movement- you have to zoom in Twice and it’ll be there. *trust me, i was freaking out hunting for it.

  3. You can get more than just those three questions, though. It’s always about the same three spells, but sometimes it names the spell and asks you what it does, sometimes it asks you to name the spell that does the action described, and sometime it asks for the correct spelling of a spell. Such as putting an extra “m” in Rictusempra, spelling it Rictumsempra is incorrect because that’s the one I get wrong on this game.

  4. Does anyone happen to know what to do in Snape’s office once the Swelling Solution has been made?

    • Go to Chapter 5, moment 3 to Snape’s office and go to the 3rd level of zoom and collect boomslang skin & horn of bicorn

  5. I’ve made a Swelling Solution and answered the questions right and I still can’t get to Chapter 12. Help!

  6. i need help, i can find the spell on lockhart (on his hand) but i can’t find anything on snape or harry and draco. HELP ME D:

  7. How do you do moment 1 swelling sollution because you have to do that to move on? I really wanna finish this!

  8. Every time I try n make the swelling solution it tells me i made it wrong when i go to put my 3 puffer fish eyes in my mortor. But thats what the instructions say.

  9. If anyone can send me a swelling solution I would really appreciate it because I have tried about a million times. My id is GobletDust54.

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