Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 10 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom of moment 1 (Chamber of Secrets Chapter 10), click the paper in the middle of the screen for Moste Potente Potions.

In the second level of zoom, you can find a Bertie Bott’s Curry-Flavoured Bean in the garbage can.

Right next to it, you will find Bertie Bott’s Coconut-Flavoured Bean.

In the same area, you will find the Beatrix Bloxam Chocolate Frog Card.

There isn’t anything to pick up in moment 2. In moment 3 under the second level of zoom, you can pick up Poppy heads.

Inside the drawer (also under the second level of zoom), you can pick up Merwyn the Malicious Chocolate Frog Card.

Last but not least from under the bed, you can pick up a sponge.

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18 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 10 Walkthrough

  1. I know it says there is nothing to be picked up in moment 2, but when you zoom in all the way and you put the mouse over Harry it the mouse turns into the pointing finger which makes you think you can click on him. the same thing happens when you are zoomed all the way in and you put the mouse over the crowd on the bottom left side, but nothing happens.

  2. All it does is make Harry swing his dead arm (like Mrs. Norris) and the crowd either boo’s or cheers depending on which side of the stadium you click

  3. i swear that sponge wasnt there when i ran through this before. i always go through 2x’s, to make sure that i’ve found everything.

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