Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom within Moment 1 of Chapter 9, you can pick up the ‘Quidditch through the Ages’. Note it can be a bit hard to spot, so look carefully.

Within the same moment under the third level of zoom, you can pick up the ‘Remembrall’.

Moving on to Moment 2, you can pick up the ‘Salazar Slytherin Chocolate Frog Card’ under the first level of zoom.

Inside the helmet under the second level of zoom, you can pick up a free galleon.

Under the third level of zoom, you can pick up “A jar of eels’ eyes”.

Book 1 Chapter 10 Walkthrough

36 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

  1. in the third level of zoom you’ll see a cat standing at the bottom of the first knight on your left. when you click it, it unlocks ‘Familiars’

  2. You can also find “Familiars” with the cat next to the closest suit of armour

  3. You can also unlock reading material about “Familiars” by clicking on Mrs. Norris in the third level of zoom in Moment 2.

  4. in moment two there’s a cat you can click on in third level of zoom at the door which unlocks “familiars”

  5. You can also click on the cat on the bottom left of the page in third zoom to unlock “Familiars.”

  6. how do you get past moment three in chapter 9 it wnt let me use the spell u need HELPP

  7. and there is the cat at the bottom left corner near the door at the zoom level 2 and it unlocks “familiars”! 🙂

  8. You caan also get “familiars” news in the same zoom level s the eels by clicking the cat in the bottom left

  9. You can also unlock “familiars”, I believe in the third zoom level, by clicking on a cat next to the suit of armor closest to the door

  10. You forgot Mrs. Norris around the first “metallic dude”. That will unlock familiars.

  11. In the bottom left hand corner, with the second zoom, there is a cat that unlocks “familiars”

    • I think we all know with all these people saying about the same thing but good point

  12. why is everyone asking “where is the cat “,”what about the cat?”

  13. why is everyone asking about the cat? it sounds like you already found it so why ask?

  14. why are you asking about the cat .it sounds like you already found it, so why bother

  15. What happened to moment 3? I can’t figure out what to do!!

  16. Did you know you can unlock familiars by clicking on the cat? Thought not

  17. I wish there was a cat or something you could click on to read about “Familiars”.

  18. Any suggestions on the technique for unlocking spell-I keep missing eventho am clicking quickly?

  19. Is there anything behind the locked door in ‘Forbidden Corridor’? I can get the ‘spell’ to come up, but when I click on the O (the second letter), it all falls down…no matter which O I click on.

    • You have to cast the unlocking spell ‘Alohamora’ and it unlocks the door. Double click on the letters in the order to make the shape next to the letters – it then unlocks the door to the secret corridor.

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