Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 8 Walkthrough

In the second level of zoom within Moment 1 of Chapter 8, you can pick up two items. The first of the two items is the ‘Circe Chocolate Frog Card’.

Within the same zoom level, you can pick up a free galleon.

In the third level of zoom within Moment 2, you can pick up the book, ‘Hogwarts: A History’.

22 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 8 Walkthrough

  1. There’s also a rock cake in Hagrids hut on the second zoom not very interesting but still… 🙂 -Tiffany

  2. i couldn’t get to chapter 8, i finished everything that is needed to be finished… Q.Q

  3. You can also get hagrids homemade rockcake in this chapter its on the third zoom at his cabin with a torn paper.

  4. Hey I have founded “home made rock cake” in book 1 chater 8 moment 3
    You should zoom 2 times then u found it..

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