Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Under the first level of zoom within Moment 1, you can unlock

You can pick up a free galleon in the same moment under the second level of zoom.

In moment 2 of Chapter 11, you will have to catch the Snitch.

To begin, click to the third level of zoom. You will see the snitch move in a triangle. Keep your mouse in one of the vertices, and click the snitch once it returns to that vertice. Catching the snitch should not be very complicated.

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5 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 11 Walkthrough

  1. i found a galleon there by the window in moment 1…it’s beside the bluebell flame…3rd zoom i think…

  2. Sorry, my mouse cursor actives “collect” ever so often hovering over the golden snitch but still I cannot catch the snitch. I used to double-click when collecting chocolate frog cards but here nothing happens. Can anybody help?

  3. I thought that catching the snitch would be harder!!! Kind of disappointed and happy at the same time 😀 well i have more work to do! I am going back and rechecking my chapters because I missed some stuff here and there.

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