Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

In Chapter 1 in Scene 1, “Number 4, Privet Drive”, click on the sign “Privet Drive” for the “Number 4, Privet Drive” item.

Within Moment 2 under the normal level of zoom, you can unlock ‘Measurements’ by clicking on the lamp-post.

Book 1 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

56 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  1. i cant unlock measurements, i guess it’s stuck, because the little grey window ‘read about’ shows up, but i can’t click on it. help me, please.

  2. i want to register for potter more and i DONT HAVE THE slightest idea on how to do it! I’m so confused!


  3. I can’t get the ‘read about’ box either, I’ve switched browsers and tried, both times nothing has shown up. Can anyone help me?

  4. to get the measurements best if you play in full screen mode – that’s how I did it

    • how do you put it on full screen iv looked everywhere? i cant click on anything i have tryed a different browser

  5. There is more to this care to share?? I have yet to see any owls? What else is there to move forward?

  6. you have to use the device to remove the street lights before you can click on the lamp post I think!

  7. i am on the chapters and moments but when i try to click on things or even just hover over the top of the things that you are saying should give me info, nothing happens!! it is very frustrating coz i have wanted to use pottermore for so long but i dont know if it is the site of my internet.. PLEASE HELP

  8. Ravenclaw here I can not get the gray box to work so I can unlock measurements I have tried both Aol and Firefox browsers HELP

  9. I can’t unlock Measurements either. I can get the lamp to light up purple & I can even get the grey/black “Read about” sign to pop up but the mouse will not turn into a hand for me to select it -.-

  10. I can’t press the lamp post. I got to press the street name post, but not the lamp post. Any tips?

  11. Has the first book been updated since it first came out? Is it worth going back through it to explore again?

  12. The stupid lamppost is still bugged. I have only got it to highlight once and even then I could not click it. The rest of the time I have not got it to highlight at all, and I’ve tried 3 different browsers.

  13. IMPORTANT!! Don’t collect items until you get sorted. Every item you collect earns you house points so verything you collect prior to getting sorted aren’t counted and added to your house!!

  14. So I don’t know how to switch to full screen mode, and people keep saying that makes it easier to “read about” measurements

    • F11 on your computer makes your browser go fullscreen automatically

      Feel free to add me on Pottermore!!

  15. HELP!! i try to find out what is “put outer” from the object, can you help me where can i click on it? ^^

  16. “locutrice
    on July 24, 2012 at 8:29 am said:
    If you’re using Chrome, you may wish to use your browser’s zoom function to help you. Zoom in to about 125% (trust me on this) and then try once again to click the lamp-post. It ought to work out.”


  17. I got the measurements one, but I cant find the put-outer. Where exactly is it?

  18. I am totally stuck at the beginning!!! There is this privet drive sign, i can’t click on it!! help!!

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