Chamber of Secrets Chapters 5-11 Available

The Pottermore team has made available the next 7 chapters of the second book, The Chamber of Secrets. You may now “explore” them on Pottermore. Pottermore has sent an email to its users with regards to these new chapters.

As usual, we are working to put up the guides for those chapters here at Cheats Whiz. As we write the guides for these 6 chapters, we will link to them here:

5 thoughts on “Chamber of Secrets Chapters 5-11 Available

    • I am looking for the exact same thing! I have scoured all over the chapters looking for the last one and still have no idea where it is

  1. i cant access my pottermore account since d day CoS 5-11 opened..plz help me..i dnt knw y dis happend..plz plz plz help me fast

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