Catch a Wave is a game on Build a Bearville (very similar to Club Penguin’s Catching Wave). The aim of this game is to move your mouse up and down on the screen so your Bearville character can surf on the surfboard. Here is a simple video demonstrating its purpose.


The game is pretty simple. You surf forward, and do tricks when you have enough speed. Do you have any tips for this game? Leave a comment and tell us!


One Response to Catch a Wave

  1. nikki says:

    i lovr your vids i have been playing build a bear villie for 2 years nkows thanks for the camp happy haet quest answer becuase a few days ago i got so mad becuase i could ent find the last one but it was in the ctoths place i did nott see that bathing suit thank you it helps ALOT ;D