Bear Hugs on Build A Bearville is a simple game where you have to click the bears to “hug” them. For every level, you must get a certain number of points to continue on.

Bear Hugs

Level 1

On level 1, you will ONLY see the normal teddy bear. For every bear, you get 1 point. To get to level 2, you must earn 20 points (20 years).

Level 2 – ∞

You will see 3 types of bears: regular bear, king bear, and joker.

Bears for Bear Hugs


8 Responses to Bear Hugs

  1. layla says:

    its the best game ever

  2. catherine says:

    this was the first game i played on bearville!

  3. catherine says:

    hey i know another cheat
    if you go to the cinema and click on the popcorn machine and you get a popcorn eating emoticon!!

  4. Bekah says:

    I dont like the game.

  5. Jane says:

    Anyone reached Level 5?My hand hurts after that level…:(

  6. zoeybearhug2621 says:

    Nice game!

  7. zoeybearhug2621 says:


  8. ninapizzazz5 says:

    i got to level 10