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Tinkatolli Tricks 3 Years FLASH BACK (Evolution)!

On February 2011 Joelle & Loki Terry decided to create Tinkatolli Tricks. The website underwent major changes since then. Therefore the layout & design has changed a lot throughout those 3 years! Below, you can see a flash back from February 2011 up to 2013.

EARLY2011 copy copy

Redesign: This is the very first design Tinkatolli Tricks had. Very basic of course.

MID2011 copy

Redesign: First ‘proper’ design for Tinkatolli Tricks.

(This design was the only one made by Penguitt)

END2011 copy

Redesign: New header & thinner navbar.

(First redesign by Solsolsol89 our graphic designer & coder)

EARLY2012 copy

Redesign: New ‘open’ header and brand new widgets.

MID2012 copy

Redesign: Colourful Widgets – A new header & 2 floaters in the bottom corners.

This redesign was meant to be simpler and neater.

MID2013 copy

Redesign: New Tinkatolli Tricks logo & header – New unicolor widgets – Innovative Scroller at the top of the blog – New fonts and minor changes.

This redesign is meant to be more modern and ready for spring / summer.

We hope to continue to tweak Tinkatolli Tricks to its best form, with your support, for the next upcoming years !

What do you think of the evolution? Comment below !

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