March 2012 Pottermore Maintenance

Pottermore was closed for scheduled maintenance from yesterday 8AM GMT for approximately one week. Pottermore has alerted all of their beta users about this via em ail.

What do you this is in prepation for? I think it’s them preparing to release Pottermore to everyone. Are you excited for when Pottermore comes back after the maintenance?

Leave a comment and tell us!

Pottermore Opens Registration in April 2012

The Pottermore staff has announced that Pottermore will be opening its registration to everyone early next month, in April 2012. The reason for the months of delay is that the Pottermore team wanted to make sure they understood how folks use the site. Now that they have obtained feedback from the beta users, it’s time for them to release it all to the public.

Are you excited? If you haven’t gotten an account yet, April will be your chance to finally join Pottermore!

As always, we haver all sorts of Pottermore Walkthroughs for you here on Cheats Whiz!

Pottermore Art: The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Two weeks ago, the Pottermore team officially published the artwork for Diagon Alley. Today, they officially published the artwork for the next chapter (chapter 6), “The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters”.

The artwork above were created by NoxPatronus136, HexSnitch206, WormwoodSnidget134, LumosErised132, DreamOak106, PumpkinPatronus93, and HexHolly90, respectively. What do you think? Have you submitted any of your own Pottermore art? Stay tuned for next week’s Pottermore art, “The Sorting Hat”.