Today is the Day 2 (gift 2) of the Bearville Elf Quest for me, since I started 3 days late. If you are ahead of me, unfortunately I can’t help you. However if you are on the same day as me, or behind me, take a look at the previous solution, followed by this one on the day after. Regardless, once you speak to the elf at the Train Station, you will be asked to find the next one. Of course!

He will then proceed to give you the second hint:

Up north you’ll find a beary cool treat, near a frozen pond where you rest your feet.

If you think about the “north” part and “frozen pond”, you’ll realize it’s the Ice Skating Rink in North Pole!

Congratulations! You have received 100 bear bills! There are 7 days left for us, considering we started 3 days late and it ends on December 24. Anyways, check back tomorrow for the new hint!



There is a brand new quest in Bearville! To begin, go to the Train Station and speak to the elf.

You will be asked to help find presents dropped by reindeers. Of course!

You will be given one clue for each of the presents. This is essentially a hot/cold game. Here is the clue for present 1:

Three arrows go around and around, you’ll find the present in this part of town.

If you think about it, the Pawsitively Green Center has three arrows that go around and around! To pick up the first present, go there. You will see the present on the right of the screen on top of the recycling can.

That’s it for the first day! You will receive more clues every day from now on. You will receive 100 bear bills for finding the first gift.


If you read this week’s issue of the Bearville Times (November 30, 2011 issue), you will receive a free Beary Cool Watch once you are on the last page.

Do you like this free item? Do you typically read the Bearville Times from the first to last page? Let us know!


If you visit Alvin on the Chloe Show, you will receive a free move, just as the title says! You will have to sit through the entire talk show in order to receive this free move.

Did you also pick up this free move? Do you like it? We want to know!


Recently the Bearville team has updated the navigation menu found in Bearville. Take a look:

Do you like this new version of navigation menu? I like these new icons and I think they look much nicer than the previous set. Do you agree? Which one do you like better? Leave a comment and tell us why!