Polyjuice Potion Walkthrough

Below is our video walkthrough on making the Polyjuice Potion in Pottermore. This potion is necessary if you want to enter the Slytherin Common Room (Book 2 Chapter 12) and are not a Slytherin. I have written some notes which I recommend you read through before attempting to brew the potion to avoid having to try over and over again. You will find both the ingredients location and the notes below the video.

[youtube width=600 height=340]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrUZmIGgQfM[/youtube]


Some of the ingredients required can be purchased from the Apothecary. Others of the ingredients must be picked up from within chapters.


  • 1:28 – Make sure you do not accidentally get Lacewing Flies into the cauldron. The way I do this is to hold in in a position where one falls out every few seconds. After one falls out onto the table, I quickly move it over the cauldron to on top of the mortar, wait for 2 to drop, and quickly move back over the cauldron and put it back on the table.
  • 2:10 – When heating the cauldron, you want to increase and decrease the temperature so long as it remains in the green range. However, you don’t want to switch between the two at a rapid pace, because otherwise you will end up with a broken portion. I recommend waiting until the edge to change the temperature.

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  1. For the polyjuice potion I can’t get the fluxweed because I already used it to make the potion once already. Can I get the fluxweed from anywhere else beacuse I need it!
    Thank you

  2. when heating it up, use the bigger flame until the bottom marker, where you should change it to medium flame until just before the top marker where you only put off the flame until just before the bottom marker. go between medium and off till the timer stops 🙂 hope this helps save time for you guys like it did for me

    • you have to find the book Most Potente Potions. Once you find that, go to your potions and then click the book on the top (it should be listed on the right side) and then the potion should appear there

    • There’s another tab you have to click on once you are in the potions section called “Moste Potente Potions”

  3. I have all of the right ingredients but Polyjuice potion isn’t anywhere in my potion book… How do I make it?

    • You have to find the book Most Potent Potions first. Once you find that, then you can go into the Potions section and click on that book to find the potion

    • There’s another tab you have to click on once you are in the potions section called “Moste Potente Potions”

  4. I can’t get the Fluxweed because something is wrong with my wamping willow chapter can anyone else send me as gift or something else I can do .. ?

    • If you have google chrome, hit the button with 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen. change the zoom to 75% and try again. If you have another browser, figure out how to change to zoom. You can google it or just click around until you find it.

  5. For me, the timer for the heating begins while I’m still crushing the lacewings, so it always tells me that I haven’t heated it correctly. Is this another bug (like having to sign out while the potion is brewing for the swelling solution)?

    • no its normal if your crushing something in the mortar it will apear and when it turns green that means you crushed it enogh

    • I learned how to fix this problem. If you notice, while it’s cooking, the sand timer in the background is out. This is the reason (for me) that I kept getting an error when I started to heat the cauldron. Click the “come back later” button, then go back to your brewing potion (through the potions book, click “brewing” for this potion) When you come back to see what % you are at, notice the sand timer is now full! For me, this allowed me to complete the potion.
      I have read for some people who leave their potion like this that the game had glitched and they cant do anything but hopefully that was fixed.

    • You know what, I misread your question, I apologize for my answer. It was for another problem that took me ages to find a fix to.

  6. Also, for the lacewing bottle, it helps if you carry it over to the mortar by the neck of the bottle. It won’t spill that way.

    • Well, it takes around 1080 minutes if you have a copper cauldron. And that’s 18 hours. It takes 1445 minutes for a pewter cauldron and that’s a little bit more than a day. So, no. It doesn’t even go near a week. 🙂

    • Exactly we don’t need to. I just click on the wall and it opened, I don’t know how it works for the other houses .
      But I will do my best to brew it anyway

    • Apparently you don’t. I found this on another page, this is not mine:
      “One of the middle bricks, click it to get into the common room. zoom. on that level, move your mours over the chess board on the left, a piece will move and you can get a card. third level you can collect a book on the lounge, and read a newspaper clipping next to the christmas tree. there are 5 gaellons on a skill on the fireplace(you may have to move your mouse over the lamps, not sure if it was cause/effect or coincidence).”

  7. Managed to brew the first part until after I had finished heating it on low for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds had finished, another timer for 10 seconds appeared on the left side of the screen. There wasn’t anything is the directions for that, so I waved the wand and then it popped up saying that I had brewed it wrong. I brewed it in IE9 since I had had problems brewing the Swelling Potion in Firefox. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Just don’t hold the wand for that timer. That timer is just telling you your last 10 seconds are almost up. Just do a quick wave of the wand and you should be good.

    • The second timer was telling you that you only had 10 seconds left to finish brewing the potion

    • oh i had that problem too
      the 10 seconds timer tells you that you have 10 seconds left in the potion making, so if it said you didn’t brew it correctly, maybe you took too much time and didn’t finish it inside the time limit

    • You have to get the “Moste Potente Potions” book. It’s in the chapter when Hermione gets the note from Professor Lockhart. If you already have it, or once you get it, got to the potions page. At the top of the page there are two tabs, “Magical Drafts and Potions” and “Moste Potente Potions”. Click on “Moste Potente Potions” and it should be on the top right.

  8. Would it be possible to post a chart showing the cauldron/time/ingredients and points earned for the various potions?

  9. Beside my ingredients list, some are checked off, indicating I had them, but then Horn of Bicorn and Skin of Boomslang have a magnify glass beside them, but I can’t click on it. And I can’t buy those incredients. Where can I get them?

    • I have this same problem, also i have all the ingredients for the first part but it doesn’t give me the option of making the potion?

    • You need to brew the Swelling Solution first to get the ingredients. They’re in Snape’s office.

    • you have the brew the swelling potion in the diversion correctly, then when you go back to Snapes office in the womping willow chapter and the door will be open, zoom in and you can pick up those two missing ingredients

    • you have to brew the swelling solution first in the chapter “The Dueling Club” and moment named “The Diversion” and after you brewed it, you can revisit snape’s office in “The Potions Master” and the snape’s private store door will be opened. You can find it there

    • it’s in book 2 chapter 5- Snape’s office. But you have to brew a swelling potion first to get in 🙂

  10. Sir, why is your hourglass not working? I keep failing because I don’t have enough time. SIGH

    • You have to go to the last part of chapter 8, “Enemies of the Heir: Beware” and click on the head of the tall boy on the left.

    • Look in the walkthrough for the “heir of slytherin” chapter, it’s on the blond guy’s head on the left of the screen.

  11. My fluxweed isn’t reappearing again. =( What to do? Can anyone send it to me as a gift instead? Please? =)

    • You have to get it in the chapter. If you want someone to send it to you as a gift, you have to leave your username.

  12. I’ve been having trouble with the first part. At the end when it says to heat it for 30 seconds the clock runs all the way down and then starts counting over at 30 seconds. If I leave the flame to try and wave the wand the temperature gets too high or too low. Did anyone else have this issue? It’s after I’ve let it sit for 60 minutes and am completing the last instructions for part one. Super annoying!!

    • If you have google chrome, hit the button with 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen. change the zoom to 75% and try again. If you have another browser, figure out how to change to zoom. Google it.

  13. Would someone please gift me the Polyjuice Potion? I’ve been having a really hard time making it.

  14. I think these potions are really hard, especially in the timeframe… I hope this will help me!

  15. I went back through the correct chapters and still couldn’t find the ingredients for the second part of the potion. Am i just looking in the wrong places? i clicked EVERYWHERE. No idea what i’m doing wrong.

  16. Help! I tried brewing the potion, and I failed, and now I can’t get anymore fluxweed! I tried going back to collect it again, but it won’t let me. I NEED HELP 😛

  17. I can’t get the Boomslang Skin or the Bicorn Horn. I failed the first time I made the potion, and now I went back to Book 2 Chapter 5 in Snape’s office and they appear for a second, then vanish. I cannot click on them in any zoom. Is this a glitch? I can’t buy the ingredients either.

  18. how come your hourglass ended but you could still work on your potion?? my problem is that i always run out of time, but how did you do that???

  19. Could someone please explain why there are two parts to this potion? Is part one necessary to brew part two? Thanks for any help 🙂

  20. guys, i already found the bicorn horn, boomslung fang , fluxweed and the slytherin hair.. but i dont know where it go.. i cant make the polyjuice potion.. can you help me plss ??

  21. where do i find slytherin student hair if i tried to make the potion and then failed please.. help!

  22. I brewed the first part right but messed up on the second part after coming back in an hour. hmm if i don’t get the 2nd time i’m going to have to have someone do it for me lol.

  23. I just need to rant for a second, I know that the polyjuice potion is difficult in the books, but having a grown ass man who has tried multiple times not able to do it is insane. Thanks

  24. am i should finish the 2nd part of polyjuice potion to get in the slytherin’s common room? how to use them?

  25. My Knotgrass, Lacewing, Flies, Leeches isn’t reappearing again. :'(
    I want to buy but can’t.

  26. i can’t get the book. every time i click on the note it disappear and i’m not getting the book!! please help me…

  27. i dont know how to brew a potion i go into moste potente potions but i have queston marks where checks should be. it wont let me brew it eithor

  28. In part 2, I start heating it but after about 4 seconds a second timer appears on the right, counting down from 20, while the other on the left keeps counting down. However one the first time runs out, both stop and there is a message saying the potion was brewed wrong… What did I do? s:

  29. Where can i get fluxweed? Help please. Or if you have an extra, i’m begging you, please send me. SwordScarlet20642

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