Cheats Whiz is maintained by many passionate bloggers who enjoys blogging about games, and we are often looking for new bloggers to join our team. Our mission is to bring high quality cheats for numerous games to our readers. Our collection of blogs currently cover the following games in the specified languages:

  • Club Penguin – English, Spanish, French, and Chinese
  • Tinkatolli – English
  • Build a Bearville – English
  • MiniMonos – English
  • Angry Birds – English
  • Bin Weevils – English
  • Pottermore – English
  • Poptropica – English

We also cover game(s) in production:

  • Mech Mice – English

Bloggers will be posting about the latest updates, and often provide cheats/tips for these updates. Posts should be posted in a timely manner, of high quality, and to the point. In addition to blogging, the blogger may be asked to moderate the Cheats Whiz forum for the game they specialize in.


  • Update the blog in a timely manner, preferably right after game is updated.
  • Stay informed with changes in the game and write about them when appropriate.
  • Stay on top of competitor’s site and inform the site administrator when content has been stolen.
  • Work with site administrator and other Cheats Whiz bloggers to ensure all posts are consistent.

Requirements (Requirements are required)

  • 4+ months experience of blogging
  • 4+ months experience playing the game
  • Fluent in English, and in the language of blog (if other than English).
  • Ability to blog with correct grammar and spelling even when under time pressure.

Helpful Skills

  • Experience with copyright and trademark laws is a plus.
  • Skilled in WordPress and image editing programs.
  • Experience working as part of a blogging team

How to Apply

If you feel you have what it takes to be “one of us”, send an email to with the information designated below. You are allowed to apply once every 15 days, counting from the date you submitted your last application.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use Twitter (or any other social network for that matter) to discuss your application. Everything and anything related to your application should only be communicated through email.

  • Image editing – Which image editing programs have you used, and which ones do you know how to use fluently? What do you use for taking screenshots?
  • Your web sites – If you own any sites, whether game related or not, we encourage you to provide it.
  • Current employment – Which sites do you currently work on? Please include your site, and any other site that you currently work on.
  • Sample posts – Please provide 5 URLs of posts written by yourself, preferably ones you feel show how much potential you have. They can be from sites you own or sites you work on.
  • Blogs of interest – Which of our blogs are you specifically interested in blogging for?
  • Languages – Which languages are you able to write fluently in?
  • Rejection notice – Please let us know if you would like us to notify you if you have been rejected as an applicant. Do note that we may or may not provide a reason, and that is at our sole discretion.
  • Location (optional) – We recommend that you provide us with the city (and state/country) of your residence, as it helps us ensure we have authors in as many timezones as possible.
  • Graphic design samples (optional) – If you are good at creating graphics, feel free to attach a few of your graphics as part of your evaluation. Ensure they do not exceed 1MB in total. JPG and PNG are fine, though we may ask to see PSD or raw PNG files in later correspondences.