December 18 Weekend Puzzle Challenge Cheats

There is a brand new weekend challenge in Bin Weevils, and that means there is a brand new reward to unlock!

Let’s look at the logic behind solving this problem:

  • There was a total of 100 items.
  • 1/4 of the items were stockings. That means there were 25 stockings.
  • There were 3 less candy canes than there were stockings. That means there were 22 candy canes.
  • There were 1/2 as many fireplaces as candy canes. That means there were 11 fireplaces.
  • The amount of bows was equal to the amount of candy canes and fireplaces put together. There were 22 candy canes and 11 fireplaces, so there was a total of 33 bows.
  • The rest of the items are nutcrackers. So far, 91 items have been accounted for. That means the remaining 9 are nutcrackers.

For question 1, there was a total of 9 nutcrackers. For question 2, Sum counted the most of bows (as there was a total of 33). That makes the secret code 9cocoabows!