The mini-game, Furshionista Showdown, is located in the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop.

You will be presented with two people in this game. The purpose of the game is to make the model on the right look exactly like the model on the left.

To replicate the clothing, you will have to click the cloth the model is wearing as they scroll through.

It may be difficult for you to watch all 5 sections at the same time, so I recommend that you watch them two at a time. For example, you can keep your eye on the shoes and the bags at the same time, and then moving on to two others. You will receive 100 points for every correctly matched item (so 500 points per round). In addition, you will receive 20 points per second you have remaining in your timer, so it’s important you complete replication in as little time as possible.

In the first two rounds, you will be given 1:15. In the third round, you will be given 1:10. You are given 1:05 in the fourth round, and exactly 1 minute in the fifth round. Afterwards, you will go through their fashion show. Here is a video demonstrating the entire game:

[youtube width=425 height=349][/youtube]


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