This page is intended for users who are JUST starting to play Angry Birds. There are several different kinds of birds in the game.

  • Red Bird – This is the most simple type of bird. All it does is fly in the direction it’s driven, and nothing else.
  • Blue Bird – The blue bird causes very little damage on its own. However, you can click in mid air and the blue bird will split into three birds in 3 different directions. This is very useful to use to hit multiple targets in one go.
  • Yellow Bird – The trick with the yellow bird is to tap/click while it’s in midair and speed it up.
  • Black Bird – Similar to the blue and yellow bird, the black bird has its own trick. The black bird is essentially an explosive bomb. However, do not click/tap in midair as most likely you will not cause much damage. Rather, wait until the black bird has landed on a structure (or is in a structure). There, you can click it to explode it. It explodes a few seconds after landing anyways, but the clicking is helpful when you want it to explode at its current position.
  • White Bird – When you click the white bird, it drops a bomb and flys upwards. The white bird can be helpful in two different occasions: it can be used to drop a bomb on something, or to hit something from beneath. When you do not click, the white bird doesn’t really cause any damage.
  • Green Bird – The green bird spins back after it has passed a certain point. It’s essentially a returning boomerang.







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