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Loki Terry

Loki Terry is the administrator on Tinkatolli Tricks. For all those that have twitter, you can follow Loki Terry on twitter. To contact Loki Terry, just send an email to lokiterry@chtz.info. Loki Terry & Joelle are in charge of the following:

  • Site questions/suggestions
  • Site issue/bug
  • Parent complaints (or possibly in the future, compliments)
  • Author position


Joelle is another administrator on Tinkatolli Tricks. Joelle & Loki Terry are blogging partners and posts along with Loki Terry & Tinkarobert97 and moderates the chat. You can follow Joelle on twitter as well. You may also send her an email at joelle@chtz.info.


Solsolsol9 is another administrator on Tinkatolli Tricks. Solsolsol9 is the graphic administrator on Tinkatolli Tricks. You can follow Solsolsol9 on twitter as well. You can also send him an email at solsolsol89@chtz.info


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