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Tinkaview #57 – Octopus



Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli?

Octopus: I like trading with TinkaTrader also making friends and completing quests! I do also like collecting junk and taking a chance on dirty dozen. :)

Loki Terry : What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

Octopus: Properly Dirty dozen and TinkaTrader because TinkaTrader sometimes gives you the items for Dirty Dozen. And Dirty Dozen Is really fun taking a chance to win some rare items!

Loki Terry : What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

Octopus: Blueberry Hill, Because thats the place were everyone goes and to meet more friends, also I love the slide. :)

Loki Terry : I agree, Blueberry Hill is a great place to chat with friends!

Loki Terry : What do you think of the memberships?

Octopus: I think the membership is outstanding! I like how it gives you extra in the game like changing the color of your tinkaprofile and your playercard being gold! I’v got membership now and I do loads of jobs to keep my status as Membership. :)

Loki Terry : If the staff had merchandise what would you like to see?

Octopus: I would like to see stuff like t-shirts and shorts and possibly sandals, and hats!

Loki Terry : What do you think about makeables created by kids?

Octopus: I think there really talented and put a lot of effort into there makeable!

Loki Terry : Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

Octopus: Yes, I would like to see more users (Because his games deserves more users) and more features like more Eyes shapes of heads and stuff like that.

Loki Terry: Great idea!

Loki Terry: What do you think of Trinkets?

Octopus: I like how you can buy them and get some stuff that are rare!

Loki Terry : What do you think about the levelling up system?

Octopus:  I love it! I’m only level 13 at the moment but my target is to atleast level up 3 times a month! But sometimes possibly 4! And I like how you change the color of your ribbon each time you level up it;s exciting to see what color’s coming towards you!

Loki Terry : Thanks for your time and views!

Thanks Octopus!

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