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Tinkatolli New Summer Clothes and Dirty Dozen Member Only Items

Hey tinkas!

Tinkatolli have added some new clothes for the Summer and have added some Dirty Dozen items only for members! First up, the clothes!

skirt_shorts_red shoes_sneakers_khaki shoes_sneakers_blue shoes_hitops_red shoes_hitops_rainbowlaces shoes_hitops_orangelaces shoes_hitops_blue shirt_swimsuit_redstripeshirt_swimsuit_redpolkadot

I like how there are clothes for everyone! The rainbow-laced shoes are so awesome!

(Credit to Tinkatolli Tips for the images)

Now lets move on to the Dirty Dozen Member-Only items!

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 17.00.41


Now, instead of there being four non-member items, there are 4 member-only items and 2 non-member items. For members this is a good thing as they have bigger selection but non-members won’t be as happy.

What do you think of this update? Do you like the new clothes? Post a comment below.

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