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Tinkatolli – Happy Eggster Blog Post

Hey tinkas,

With all these Easter updates we are all searching for the bunnies and buying the new clothing. Here is a blog post summarising all the updates.


Happy Eggster, Tinkas!


It’s been a tremendous amount of time since we celebrated eggs on Tinkatolli.
This year we look back on all the eggs that have appeared on the islands (pictured above) – most are still available in the shops, some never even made into the Egg Hunts, and some are yet to be added:)

This Eggster we have a selection of themed items in the clothing shop: egg-helmets, a bunny mask, bunny ears, egg baskets (to wear on your head) and eggstra special CHOCOLATE EGG HELMETS! Woot! Try not to eat ‘em.

Yolks aside, we’ve been scrambling to update the site so Tinkatolli will run super-smooth and super-quick for you over the holiday.
We hope you enjoy it!


This post is very awesome and it explains all the updates. In the picture you can spot some unreleased eggs which look pretty awesome! Post all your comments and opinions below!

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