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TinkaView #14 – Lukey140701

Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

lukey140701: I love the way you can do stuff even if you aren’t on the laptop

lukey140701: and the way you have to find lots of things!

Me: Yeah, I like that also! 😀

Me: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

lukey140701: Hmm thats hard

lukey140701: I love all of them!

Me: 😀 – What’s your favorite thing to do on Tinkatolli?

lukey140701: I like collecting blings to get seeds for unusuals!

lukey140701: and playing games!

Me: Great! – What makes you like the Unusuals Outlet?

lukey140701: I like the way it has new unusuals to offer every fort night

Me: Yeah, same here! 😀

Me: What do you think of the Dirty Dozen trader?

lukey140701: I love the way he gives some unusuals as well like dala eggs and that new Wooden Egg!

Me: 😀 – I like the new wooden egg also!

lukey140701: Awesome!

Me: What do you think of the memberships?

lukey140701: I think they are awesome! I won one on Monday!

lukey140701: A one month membership code!

Me: That’s great! 😀 – do you think the prices are reasonable? :)

lukey140701: Yeah! Very reasonable!

Me: :)

Me: What do you think about makeables created by kids?

lukey140701: I love the TinkaTron and Geloon!

lukey140701: Well actually I love them all but I like those ones most!

Me: :) – great! I like the Geloon also! – very unique! :)

Me: Ok so lukey :) – Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

lukey140701: I would love to see new boat locations for all the blanks

lukey140701: Thats it! Thanks for this awesome interview!

Me: nice suggestion! – thank you! 😀

lukey140701: No Thank You!

What a fantastic TinkaView I had with lukey140701! – interesting suggestion! – Check all other TinkaViews by clicking here.

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